Presenter Simon McCoy is leaving the BBC after 18 years for new TV channel GB News

An aerial view shot of the BBC studios in London.An aerial view shot of the BBC studios in London.
An aerial view shot of the BBC studios in London.
Presenter Simon McCoy – who once started his report holding a pack of A4 printer paper – is leaving BBC News after 18 years for GB News.

Over the years his reactions and funny asides have gone viral on Twitter – including the time he told viewers “nothing was happening” while millions were waiting for news on Prince George’s birth.

Sam Taylor, head of live and breaking for BBC News, said: "Sharp, funny and a great colleague - it has been a delight to have Simon at the helm of the BBC News Channel and BBC News at One.

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"We'll miss his one-liners, pregnant pauses and commitment to breaking news in every form, and wish him the very best for the future."

What is he planning to do next?

His new employers based in Paddington, London, have now confirmed that he is joining the new TV network - GB News – which is set to launch in March with presenters including Andrew Neil and Dan Wootton.

John McAndrew, director of news and programmes, said: "Simon's journalistic integrity, warmth and personality is a perfect fit for what we're doing at GB News.

"He's a brilliant journalist with an exceptional ability to relate to people in an upbeat way so we're keen to get him out from behind a desk and talking to people from all parts of the United Kingdom."

What are Simon’s best bits?

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McCoy hit the headlines in the New Year when he told viewers there would be package of the "highlights of 2020" only for nothing appear on screen and the news anchor to say: "Exactly, it's farewell 2020."

He also accidentally began a news report with a refill pack of A4 printer paper in his hands, instead of the usual iPad.

He got the giggles while reporting on a man performing the piano to monkeys and, when introducing a segment on the "world dog surfing championships", sighed and told viewers: "Just bear in mind it is August."

In his coverage outside St Mary's Hospital, before Prince George's birth, he told viewers that nothing much was happening.

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McCoy later told Radio Times: "Someone told me the family thought I'd got it absolutely right. They were watching and wondering what on earth was going on outside.

"Nothing was happening, and I said as such - and it's much better than some of my rivals who were speculating on the level of dilation. I think once you get into that realm of commentating, you've lost the plot."

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