Warzone Season 5: Call of Duty update UK release date, new maps, Operators and weapons – and when you can play

Everything you need to know about the next big update to Call of Duty’s Warzone spin-off

Warzone – the massively popular online Call of Duty spin-off that allows virtual military combat between up to 150 players – is getting its latest major update this week with the arrival of Season 5.

Here is everything you need to know about it.

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How does the new Double Agent mode work?

(Image: Activision)

One of the biggest new additions to Warzone is the brand new game mode, Double Agent.

Piggybacking off the success of games like Among Us – which see online players investigate which one among their ranks is an imposter as they try to off the innocent team members, Mafia-style – Double Agent works in much the same way.

Each match assigns Double Agent roles to a select number of players; they are there to sabotage the mission.

Those not designated a Double Agent must work together to rat out who among them is working with ulterior motives, while the agents themselves attempt to bring down the investigating team from within.Communicate, investigate, and expose the traitors – or successfully wipe out the investigating team – to win.

(Image: Activision)

Each player starts with a pistol, before weapons and equipment are introduced in a “Preparing Stage”, where all players can grab weapons in different parts of the map.

Each role gains access to unique skills and content during the round, and voice chat is strongly encouraged, with options to play the mode either with the wider community or up to nine of your friends.

What new maps are there?

Season 5 comes with five new multiplayer maps that can be played across a number of game modes, representing locales both fresh and familiar, especially to veterans of the Black Ops series.

Echelon is a brand-new map seen in the Season Five intro cinematic, while Slums is a tight three-lane vintage map and Showroom is a small-scale map built for Gunfight and Face Off variants.

Finally, Drive-In is a cult classic map from the original Black Ops – set in a movie drive-in – while Zoo rounds out Season Five’s trio of classic maps.

Who are the new Operators?

Season 5 includes three new Operators – Warzone’s playable characters.

Kitsune is a Japanese self-taught cybersecurity expert and world-class thief, Stryker is described as the “ultimate one-man army” who represents the cutting edge of US Special Forces response teams, and Hudson is Adler’s old colleague and Weaver’s former CIA interrogation partner.

What are the new weapons?

New weapons coming to the game in Season 5 include the EM2 assault rifle, the TEC-9 SMG, the Cane melee weapon, and the Marshal secondary pistol.

What time will Season 5 be released?

While the game’s developers have confirmed that Season 5 of Warzone will be arriving on Thursday 12 August, they haven’t said exactly at which time it will be made available.

But, judging by the release times of past installments, we can make an educated guess as to when it might go live.

Previous seasons have seen new content for the game be made available in the early hours of the morning for fans in the UK, so we’d confidently hazard a guess that Season 5 will drop around 5am BST.

If we’re correct, the update should be waiting for you when you wake up. Lovely.

For more information on the Season 5 update, head to the Call of Duty blog.

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