Introducing some of the team behind NationalWorld

We’re excited to get started. This is a quick intro to who we are and what we do.

NationalWorld editors, clockwise from top left: Nick Mitchell, Crystal Chesters, Dan Bird, James Trembath, Ben Green, Harriet Clugston and Ross Gregory

The national media in Britain has always been rooted in London, from the birth of Fleet Street as a publishing centre in the 16th century right through to the present day.

That used to make sense. If you wanted to hold power to account, you had to be close to the power, the argument went.

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But the pandemic has shown this concentration of the national media for what it is: an imbalance of geography that leads to imbalanced coverage.

Clockwise from top left: Sarah Wilson, Finlay Greig, Claire Schofield, Iain Leggat, Helen Johnson, Aimee Stanton, Rhona Shennan, Richie Boon, Jenna Macfarlane, Matt Allan and Ethan Shone

Although London represents just 13 per cent of the UK population, all of the country’s national newspapers are still headquartered in the capital, along with the BBC, Sky, ITV and Channel 4.

Unlike them, the NationalWorld team is not based in London.

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Why we have launched NationalWorld

Our journalists live and work in towns and cities across the UK, from Edinburgh and Gateshead to Leeds and Nottingham.

Here’s a look at who we are and what we do.

Nick Mitchell, Editor

Nick spent the early part of his career with The Scotsman, before going on to help launch iNews with the team at the i newspaper in 2016, and more recently working across digital publishing, video and podcasts within JPI as head of content development.

“It's not often you get the chance to launch a new national news title, and I’m excited to see how it develops, knowing that we have a talented team and the support of the JPI Media network behind us,” Nick said. “It’s been a busy few months in which we’ve laid the groundwork for NationalWorld, collaborating on countless video calls from our kitchen tables and spare rooms - but the energy and passion of the team has served us well, and we hope that we can repay your time and attention with quality journalism, incisive writing and new, authentic voices from across the country.”

Dan Bird, Deputy Editor

Based in Northamptonshire, Dan started his career with the Press Association before taking roles at The Daily Telegraph, ITV News, Leicestershire Live and Which? Magazine. He most recently worked with the southern titles in the JPIMedia portfolio as Head of Audience.

Dan said: “I’m incredibly excited to help launch a new national title and work with such a talented and dynamic team. The reporters are already working on important and impactful stories that will give a voice to people, groups and communities across the UK that are so often overlooked.”

Crystal Chesters, Assistant Editor

Having lived and worked internationally editing websites and magazines, Crystal is now based in Edinburgh and for the past few years has been tasked with growing the SEO strategy across JPI Media’s brands.

“After a tough year of lockdowns, it’s great to be part of the launch of an exciting new forward-looking brand,” Crystal said. “The team at NationalWorld combines talented writers, features specialists and investigative journalists based all around the country, and I’m excited to help bring the stories that matter to everyone in the UK. It’s been really interesting working with the team to develop plans around their specialisms and I look forward to seeing how our audience engages with the content we’re creating.”

Ross Gregory, Sports Editor

Ross worked as a sports writer and sports editor at Trinity Mirror and then JPIMedia, before becoming head of sport in the North East, where he's based, in 2014. He was made group head of football in 2019 and has been responsible for JPI's digital sport strategy and performance.

“Regional journalism is where my heart has always been, so being able to give sports fans around the country a voice on a national platform is fantastic," Ross says. "We have a small team supplemented by the talented and experienced sports writers around the JPI portfolio with the aim of providing an alternative take on the stories and topics making the headlines. We will be fan-focused, collaborative and hopefully represent the passion and excitement we see every week among sports-lovers in cities, towns and villages up and down the country."

Harriet Clugston, Data and Investigations Editor

A recent arrival in Edinburgh, Harriet previously worked as a reporter for the Hertfordshire Mercury and as a data journalist for the Press Association's local news agency, Radar AI, before joining JPI to head up data and investigations content across the group.

Harriet said: "I'm excited to turn our data and investigations tools to work on this new stage, to unearth exclusive stories and expose regional inequalities and injustices wherever we find them. We already have a great track record within JPI of leveraging our local news network to uncover important stories of national significance through our award-winning investigations team. At NationalWorld we will continue amplifying regional voices and putting a spotlight on underreported issues in communities across the country."

Ben Green, Engagement Editor

Ben is based in Sheffield and has been a journalist for 16 years, spending most of his career working for newspapers and websites across the North Midlands and South Yorkshire.

“NationalWorld is exciting because it offers something genuinely new to the UK news market,” Ben says. “Our mission to give a voice to all areas of the UK is a bold one but with a team of exceptionally talented journalists based around the UK we are well-equipped and well-motivated to achieve this.”

James Trembath, Digital Production Editor

James began his journalism career at the age of 16 on his hometown papers in Selby, Yorkshire, before moving through the ranks to become Product Manager in the Editorial Design Hub, leading a team working on print pages and graphics across the portfolio. He's now moving into the role of Digital Production Editor to help shape the future of graphics, video and podcast production.

"I'm really excited to get fully immersed in the digital world during the next chapter of my career, and what better way to start than with the launch of our new national site,” he says. "I'm really looking forward to working with the team to build the quality and consistency of our visual storytelling across NationalWorld and the group as a whole."

Other names you’ll see regularly on NationalWorld include:

Claire Schofield, based in Leeds, covering health and the pandemic

Alex Nelson, based in Norfolk, covering film and gaming

Finlay Greig, based in Glasgow, covering travel

Katrina Conaglen, based in Brighton, e-commerce editor, covering product reviews and deals

Helen Johnson, based in Leeds, covering general health and wellbeing

Sarah Wilson, based in Yorkshire, covering social affairs and the environment

Rhona Shennan, based in Edinburgh, covering offbeat news and internet culture

Ethan Shone, based in Yorkshire, covering politics

Iain Leggat, based in Edinburgh, covering TV and culture

Matt Allan, based in Fife, covering motoring and transport

Jenna Macfarlane, based in Glasgow, covering food and drink and Scotland

Chelsea Rocks, based in Glasgow, covering TV, people and parenting

Matt Brooks, based in Nottingham, covering sport and money

Carly Roberts, based in Northamptonshire, covering social justice and the Midlands

Aimee Stanton, based in Edinburgh, covering data and investigations

Rochelle Barrand, based in Sheffield, covering fashion and retail

Richie Boon, based in Edinburgh, covering football and sport

Jason Jones, based in Gateshead, covering football and sport

Craig Sinclair, a video producer based in Edinburgh

Mark Wilson, a video producer based in Edinburgh

We couldn’t have launched this site without the support of everyone at JPI Media, especially the Product, IT and Commercial teams.

This is just the start. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter.