Lewis Capaldi's Wish You The Best music video leaves TikTok fans in tears - where to watch

The video has had more than 10 Million views since its release 2 weeks ago

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Lewis Capaldi has been leaving his fans in tears with his latest release. The Glasgow-born singer’s official music video for his newest single ‘Wish you the Best’ was released earlier this month, leading to many of his fans posting their heartbroken reactions on TikTok and Twitter. 

With over 12 million views, many of Capaldi's fans have taken to social media to share their reactions, resulting in an emerging TikTok trend.

Fans have taken to social media to share their reactions from watching the video, leaving Capaldi to dub himself the ‘Prince of Pain’ and to react back, in one response saying: "I am now making children cry."

Why is the video so emotional? 

The clip follows an older postman, John (played by Harry Potter star David Bradley) and his loyal dog, Willow, as they live their day-to-day lives. After John passes away, Willow is seen mourning by John’s grave. Willow is eventually taken in by a younger postman (played by Tom Lewis - featured in Gentleman Jack) who finds her and keeps her until she is reunited with John. 

The music video has 14 million views and is trending at number 5 for music at the time of writing. The music video can be viewed here on YouTube via Lewis Capaldi's channel.

How have fans reacted? 

In one video, Hien Pham (@heyitspham) said: "If you want to be OK ever again, don't go watch Lewis Capaldi's new music video. And if you have a dog, don't watch it" whilst in tears. Other users filmed their reactions to the video and were also left crying.

Lewis Capaldi himself duetted the videos on TikTok, simply filming his face with a grin at people's emotional reactions. In the caption, he said: "I am the prince of pain".

In other reactions, Capaldi writes: “Really taking pleasure in making these people weep. I don’t know what that says about me as a person.” Comments read: “I love the song but refuse to watch the video based on these reactions lol.” Another said: “I immediately saw a dog and an old man and noped right out of it."

“This is sadder than any John Lewis advert,” added another.

Lewis also posted the TikTok to his Instagram story, with the caption: “I feel so bad for finding this funny hahahah.” On Twitter, reactions were along the same lines. One user wrote: “Watching it was such a rapid shift of my mood. thanks, lewis, enjoyed it a lot (I cried)”

Another said: “When ppl said that the lewis capaldi 'wish you the best' music video made them cry i thought they were being dramatic by oh my god”

@LewisCapaldi just watched the Lewis capaldi video wish you the best now I’m sat on my own sobbing on a Saturday morning why Lewis why” added another. 

Wish You The Best is Lewis’ fourth single to be released from his new album ‘Broken By Desire To Be Heavenly Sent,’ which comes out on 19 May. The success of the single has also made it Lewis’ fifth UK number 1.

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