The Kunts: could Boris Johnson song be Christmas Number 1 in UK charts - and what did LadBaby say about it?

LadBaby teamed up with Ed Sheeran and Elton John for his fourth Christmas song, Sausage Rolls for Everyone

With Christmas only days away, the race to the Christmas number one is set to end tonight (Thursday 23 December), at 11:59pm.

For the past few years, LadBaby and his sausage roll-themed songs has claimed the title, but this year it could be a new contender that takes the coveted spot - The Kunts, with their song Boris Johnson is STILL a F**king C**t.

This is everything you need to know.

Who are The Kunts - and what’s the Boris Johnson song?

The Kunts is a satirical comedy band created by Kunt and the Gang, who is a british dark musical comedian from Essex.

According to the biography on the Kunt and the Gang website, the band was created by frontman Kunt in 2003, following the breakup of his prior group Pubic Cube. The Kunts was then later created in 2020, and features singer Kunt, guitarist Carsehole, bassist Rubber Johnny and drummer F**ksticks.

The Kunts took part in the Christmas number one race in 2020, with their song Boris Johnson is a F**king C**t which managed to reach number five in the charts, despite a lack of mainstream media coverage, and the BBC refusing to name either the band or the song due to the bad language.

This is the second year that The Kunts are aiming for the Christmas number one (Photo: Youtube/Kunt and the Gang)
This is the second year that The Kunts are aiming for the Christmas number one (Photo: Youtube/Kunt and the Gang)
This is the second year that The Kunts are aiming for the Christmas number one (Photo: Youtube/Kunt and the Gang)

The song was made up of the phase “Boris Johnson is a f**king c**t” on repeat for a minute and 22 seconds.

Boris Johnson is a F**king C**t was originally released as part of The Kunts album Kunts Punk in Your Face which was released in July 2020.

In November 2021, The Kunts released their follow up song Boris Johnson Is STILL a F**king C**t in a fresh campaign to bag the Christmas number one spot. Much like its predecessor, the song is made up of the repeated lyric “Boris Johnson is still a f**king c**t”.

In a bid to beef up the sales and streams of the song, The Kunts have released 11 different versions of the song, including a safe for work version called Boris Johnson is Still a Sausage Roll.

You can find more information about where to stream or buy the song and its various remixes on The Kunts website.

What did LadBaby say about The Kunts?

LadBaby, whose real name is Mark Hoyle, has spoken out against The Kunts in the race for the Christmas number one.

For the past three years, Hoyle has consecutively claimed the Christmas number one, releasing songs based around food puns - namely sausage rolls - in a bid to raise money for charity.

It began in 2018 when Hoyle released a sausage roll version of Starship’s 1980s glam-rock song We Built This City. Then in 2019, he topped the charts with I Love Sausage Rolls, a version of I Love Rock n Roll by Joan Jett. In 2020 he bagged the Christmas number one once again with Don’t Stop Me Eatin’, a take on Journey’s 1981 song Don’t Stop Believing.

On 17 December, Hoyle dropped his 2021 song Sausage Rolls For Everyone in connection with the Trussell Trust, teaming up with Ed Sheeran and Sir Elton John to make a sausage roll version of their festive song Merry Christmas.

LadBaby and Roxanne Hoyle with Ed Sheeran singing their track Sausage Rolls For Everyone (Photo: PA)
LadBaby and Roxanne Hoyle with Ed Sheeran singing their track Sausage Rolls For Everyone (Photo: PA)
LadBaby and Roxanne Hoyle with Ed Sheeran singing their track Sausage Rolls For Everyone (Photo: PA)

Speaking to the Official Charts, Hoyle alluded to The Kunts and spoke out about their competing Christmas song.

He said: “It takes a certain sort of person to download a song with that in the title, but you never know.

“There’s definitely an element that people aren’t happy with this government, but our song is for charity - I don’t believe theirs is - and ours is trying to raise more money than ever for food banks.

“It’s something that is even more important given everything going on.”

Have The Kunts responded to LadBaby?

Speaking to Clash Music, The Kunts frontman called LadBaby’s single “utter diarrhoea”, adding: “When you take a step back and look at it, the idea of an act who hawks a single by crying to camera, repeatedly talking about child hunger all the while waving sausage rolls around, then using our collective guilty about being a society that needs food banks to leverage a sponsorship deal with a crisp company is like something from Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror.”

Kunt continued: “Having had Mark Hoyle call our integrity and motivation into question, we acknowledge from the proceeds of last year’s record we made large donations to charities including MIND mental health charity and Cardiac Risk In The Young, two causes that have affected our close family and friends.

“We may be vulgar in the language we use to get our point across but we would not be so vulgar as to use food banks to hawk records, increase our profile or sign lucrative sponsorship deals.

“Let me be clear, we would not stoop to using poverty, hunger and despair to promote our career and bolster our bank balance like we believe LadBaby have done in this year’s and last year’s Christmas number one campaign.”

Kunt ended his statement by saying: “But please don’t let any of this distract from the fact that the Trussell Trust is a necessary and worthy charity at this point in time and it is good to support food banks with donations of food and money, we do, but at the root of the problem is the corrupt and heartless Conservative government, and the man in charge of that who leads by example is Boris Johnson.

“And he is still a f**king c**t.”

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