Why did Migos break up? Who were members of hip hop group, what did rapper Takeoff, Quavo, Offset say on split

The hip hop group was one of the biggest music acts in the world when they topped the charts in the mid 2010s

The music industry was left in shock after Migos member Takeoff was shot and killed in an attack in Houston, Texas. The musician was gunned down while at a bowling alley with his bandmate and uncle Quavo.

Takeoff whose real name was Kirshnik Khari Ball, was born in Lawrenceville in Georgia on 18 June 1994 and grew up alongside Quavo. Two other people were also shot in the incident and they were taken to hospital. Quavo was unharmed.

As a duo Takeoff and Quavo, teamed up with rapper Offset to create one of the 2010s biggest hip hop groups. The group rose to prominence following the release of the single Versace which went viral.

However, the group ultimately went their separate ways after rumours of betrayal and rifts. But why did Migos split up, and what did the band members say about it? Here’s everything you need to know about Migos’ split.

Why did Migos split up?

Migos was a well-established hip hop group formed in 2008, who grew to prominence from 2013 onwards. The group was made up of three rappers - Offset, Quavo and Takeoff.

The group hit the top of the US charts in 2016 with their huge hit single Bad and Boujee. They also went on to collaborate with rappers Nick Minaj and Cardi B, with Cardi B marrying member Offset in 2017.

However, the cracks started to show in the group in 2022. Rumours began swirling that Saweetie, the former girlfriend of Quavo, had cheated on her then-boyfriend with his bandmate Offset.

Offset, Quavo and Takeoff were all members of one of the biggest hip hop groups in the world, Migos. (Credit: Getty Images)Offset, Quavo and Takeoff were all members of one of the biggest hip hop groups in the world, Migos. (Credit: Getty Images)
Offset, Quavo and Takeoff were all members of one of the biggest hip hop groups in the world, Migos. (Credit: Getty Images)

Fans speculated that the band had become a duo featuring only Quavo and Takeoff after this - this was later confirmed when the duo released their first album together in October 2022. Additionally, Offset went on to unfollow his previous bandmates on social media after the pair announced their new musical venture without him and left the Migos name behind.

The alleged affair was never officially confirmed by any member of Migos. Despite this, Quavo released a single titled ‘Messy’, with some fans deducing that his lyrics spoke about Saweetie cheating on him with Offset.

What have the band members said about the split?

Not much has been said or confirmed by any member of the group following the split. However, Quavo did allude to the alleged affair between Offset and Saweetie while speaking on the Big Facts podcast.

The rapper said: “We want to see our career as a duo. We came from a loyal family that’s supposed to work together and you’re supposed to stick together, but sometimes when s**t don’t work out, it’s not meant to be.”

"We stand on loyalty and sometimes that s**t ain’t displayed. Right now we gon’ be the duo till time tell."

Prior to Takeoff’s death, Quavo was asked about a possibility of a reunion of the three musicians. He told the Drink Champs radio show that he didn’t see the group reuniting, adding: “Right now I believe in the duo, you know what I’m saying?”