Best post-apocalyptic TV shows: 5 series to watch after The Last of Us - from The Walking Dead to The Stand

Here are five post-apocalyptic shows like The Last of Us, streaming now in the UK

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The Last of Us is the latest post-apocalyptic series to hit our screens and the show has quickly become popular among fans, as several critics suggest that it has broken the curse of video game adaptations.

The series is set in the aftermath of a devastating mutated fungal outbreak which has wiped out swathes of humanity and left the survivors grappling with a society in turmoil. Joel, a smuggler who has been shaped by this new world agrees to transport a young girl, Ellie, for the rebellion - they believe she may hold the key to immunity to the fungus. He and Ellie embark on a perilous journey across America, encountering crazed victims of the outbreak, and violent survivors.

NationalWorld’s TV critic Alex Moreland called the series a ‘taut, atmospheric horror’, adding that it was ‘awash with dread’. With the finale having arrived in March, here are five recommendations for those who want more post-apocalyptic shows to watch next:

The Walking Dead

Andrew Lincoln as RickAndrew Lincoln as Rick
Andrew Lincoln as Rick

The ultimate in zombie shows, The Walking Dead threw everything at audiences over its 11 season run. It’s hard to believe that the show was on air for more than a decade, and at one time was up there with Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad in terms of popularity.

The series follows former Sheriff Deputy Rick Grimes who wakes from a coma to discover that society has collapsed in the wake of a zombie apocalypse - he leads a group of survivors through the wreckage, facing off against zombies, marauding gangs and cannibals, in a constant battle for survival.

All of season 1-11 of The Walking Dead are available to watch on Disney+ now. The series gets a little stale after season five, so you may want to consider moving on to one of the other shows on this list at that point.

The Stand (2020)

The Stand is available to stream on Lionsgate+ in the UKThe Stand is available to stream on Lionsgate+ in the UK
The Stand is available to stream on Lionsgate+ in the UK

Based on the (very long) Stephen King book of the same name, the 2020 limited series is the second adaptation of the source material - the 1994 series starring Gary Sinise and Molly Ringwald didn’t leave much of an impression.

The Stand sees survivors of a terrible man-made plague known as Captain Trips come together from across America - they form two factions, the forces of good and the forces of evil. Both sides prepare for the ultimate battle.

You can watch The Stand on Lionsgate+, or with a Lionsgate+ 7-day free trial through Amazon Prime Video. The original 1994 series is currently available to watch on YouTube.

Attack on Titan

Anime series Attack on Titan follows survivors in a battle against giant man-eating humanoidsAnime series Attack on Titan follows survivors in a battle against giant man-eating humanoids
Anime series Attack on Titan follows survivors in a battle against giant man-eating humanoids

Anime series Attack on Titan is based on Hajime Isayama’s best-selling manga series of the same name - the series has sold 110 million copies worldwide to date.

The series is set in a world where the remnants of humanity must live inside walled off communities which are supposed to keep them safe from the Titans, giant man-eating humanoids that have brought humanity to the edge of extinction. When the Titans end 100 years of relative peace, breaking through the walls of one of humanity’s last refugees, survivors begin a desperate fight for survival.

You can watch all four seasons of Attack on Titan on free ad-based streaming service Funimation - you can watch ad-free with a Premium Plus free trial. It is available to watch with an English dub and/or subtitles.

War of the Worlds (2019)

War of the Worlds season 3War of the Worlds season 3
War of the Worlds season 3

This latest adaptation of the classic late 19th century H. G. Wells seminal sci-fi novel brings the story of the Martian takeover of Earth into the modern day - the series is set in contemporary France and stars Léa Drucker, Ty Tennant, and Daisy Edgar-Jones.

The series adds plenty to pad out Wells’ relatively short text, and follows pockets of survivors who are forced by circumstances to join forces in a bid to outsmart their new alien overlords. When the Martians begin taking babies for experimentation, the survivors grow more desperate to stop them.

All three seasons of War of the Worlds are available to watch on Disney+ now. The series has not yet been greenlit for a fourth season.


Snowpiercer seasons 1-3 are on Netflix nowSnowpiercer seasons 1-3 are on Netflix now
Snowpiercer seasons 1-3 are on Netflix now

Based on the French graphic novel Le Transperceneige by Jacques Lob, Benjamin Legrand and Jean-Marc Rochette, and following the 2013 drama film, Snowpiercer is set on a giant train forever circling a frozen world.

The series is set seven years after a devastating climate catastrophe has left the Earth a frozen wasteland, with all survivors on the titular train which has a very class system and is rife with injustice. Over the series, various passengers group together as they attempt to gain control of the train, whilst others hope to find a way to rebuild civilisation on the outside.

There are three seasons of Snowpiercer and you can watch them all on Netflix now - a fourth season is due out later this year.