The Walking Dead finale: who dies in TWD season 11 final episode, what happens to Rosita, is series finished?

The season finale of The Walking Dead brought the story of many of the survivors to a close and set up future spin-offs

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12 years after the show debuted, The Walking Dead has finally come to a dramatic and emotional end. The series, which was released in the UK on Disney+ follows a brave band of survivors through the aftermath of a devastating zombie apocalypse. Over 11 seasons there have been many brutal and tragic deaths, and some of the survivors proved to be even more depraved than the zombies.

The grand finale brought the series to an end with a special extended episode which saw the survivors rescue their children, destroy another walker horde, and attempt to restore peace to the Commonwealth. This is what happened in The Walking Dead season finale:

Christian Serratos as RositaChristian Serratos as Rosita
Christian Serratos as Rosita

*Spoilers for The Walking Dead finale*

What happened in The Walking Dead season 11 finale?

The last episode of The Walking Dead, aptly titled Rest in Peace, began with Jules being eaten alive by walkers and Luke dying from his injuries in hospital. Meanwhile, Daryl gives Judith a blood transfusion, saving her life.

Rosita, Gabriel and Eugene find Coco and the other children but their escape is compromised when walkers surround their ambulance. They climb a pipe to get away, but Rosita falls into the horde of undead, before bursting out and following the others up the pipe. It’s later revealed that Rosita was bitten in the chaos and won’t last long.

Negan plans to assassinate Pamela for Maggie to try and make up for murdering Glenn in front of her at the end of season six. However, before he can kill her, Carol, Daryl and some rebel troopers arrest Pamela and imprison her for crimes against the Commonwealth.

The gang lures the horde of walkers to The Estates and then blows the whole place up, and the survivors share a celebratory feast. However, at the end of the meal, Rosita says he goodbyes and is put down by Eugene off screen before she begins to reanimate.

The series then flashes forward one year, and we learn that Eugene and Max have had a baby girl, Ezekiel is the new governor of the Commonwealth, Mercer is his lieutenant, and Carol is Lance’s replacement as deputy governor.

Daryl then says his goodbyes to the gang as he sets off on a new journey of his own, to find Rick and Michonne, who have been absent from the series for more than a season. At the very end of the episode both Rick and Michonne are seen, in different places, writing letters to Judith.

Andrew Lincoln as RickAndrew Lincoln as Rick
Andrew Lincoln as Rick

Is there another season of The Walking Dead?

No, there will not be another series of The Walking Dead, season 11 was the final series of the original show based on the comics. However, there are several spin-off shows in the works, these are:

  • Fear the Walking Dead, which follows a group of survivors in California, has been renewed for an eighth season, which is expected to air in 2023.
  • Untitled Daryl spin-off - this will see  Norman Reedus reprise the role of Daryl as he somehow ends up in Paris.
  • Dead City - Maggie and Negan will make an unlikely pairing (as Negan killed Maggie’s husband way back when) as they head off to Manhattan. 
  • Untitled Michonne and Rick spin-off - as both characters were glimpsed in the season finale of The Walking Dead it’s no surprise they will be reunited in a six episode limited series. The show is currently in pre-production. 

Where can you watch The Walking Dead?

All of The Walking Dead is now available to watch in the UK on Disney+. Fear The Walking Dead airs on Sky.

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