Candy TV show: Disney+ UK release date of crime drama, cast with Jessica Biel as Candy Montgomery, and trailer

Hulu series Candy follows the true story of the violent death of Betty Gore, and the woman accused of killing her

Candy is a biopic crime series based on the true story of homemaker Candy Montgomery who was accused of murdering the wife of her lover in 1980. The miniseries aired in the US on Hulu earlier this year and is finally arriving in the UK through Disney Plus. The series is a tense suburban horror story, as the humdrum lives of the quiet Texas community are turned upside down by the brutal crime - in real life the victim, Betty Gore, was struck 41 times with the axe that killed her.

Jessica Biel in CandyJessica Biel in Candy
Jessica Biel in Candy

What is Candy about?

The series is set in 1980s America and follows Candy Montgomery, a housewife, living with her husband and two children in Collin County, Texas. The pressure for Candy to conform to the role of perfect housewife was too much, and she began an affair with Allan Gore, the husband of one of Candy’s friends, Betty

The series follows Candy’s friendship with Betty as she secretly carries on an affair with Allan. But when Betty is violently murdered by someone wielding an axe, and Allan is out of out town, suspicion falls on Candy. As Candy’s lies and double-life catch up with her, she finds herself on trial for murder, and must convice a jury that she is innocent.

Who is in the cast of Candy?

Jessica Biel plays Candy Montgomery, the woman at the centre of the story who may have murdered her lover’s wife with an axe. Biel is a model and actress, and is married to singer Justin Timberlake. She has starred in several major films including The A-Team, Hitchcock and Valentine’s Day. More recently, she has appeared in several TV shows - she played Cora Tannetti in crime drama The Sinner, and Lia Haddock in sci-fi series Limetown.

Jessica Biel as Candy MontgomeryJessica Biel as Candy Montgomery
Jessica Biel as Candy Montgomery

Other cast members include:

  • Melanie Lynskey as Betty Gore
  • Pablo Schreiber as Allan Gore
  • Timothy Simons as Pat Montgomery
  • Raúl Esparza as Don Crowder
  • Jessie Mueller as Sherry Cleckler
  • Coley Campany as Linda
  • Sharon Conley as Sandra Lockett
  • Aven Lotz as Becky Montgomery
  • Dash McCloud as Jason Montgomery
  • Jamie Anne Allman as Elaine
  • Antonella Rose as Christina Gore
  • Tim Ware as Judge Ryan
  • Russell Thomas as Jeffery Lockett

Is there a trailer for Candy?

Yes there is, and you can watch it right here:

When is the UK release date of Candy?

Candy is a five-part miniseries which premiered in the US on Hulu on 9 May, with episodes released nightly. The series came to the UK via Disney Plus, and all five episodes landed on the platform on Wednesday 12 October and are available to stream now. Episodes are between 47 and 57 minutes long.

Will there be a season 2 of Candy?

It is very unlikely that there will be a second season of Candy - it was billed as a miniseries and was always planned to consist of just one season. Additionally, the story focuses on a true crime saga, and the first season has completed that narrative, leaving no fresh material for a second season.