Will there be a Derry Girls season 4? When is special episode airing tonight on Channel 4 - is movie planned

The special episode picks up one year on from the finale and follows the group as they prepare for their final year of school

Derry Girls is the popular coming-of-age drama set in Derry, against the backdrop of the troubles in Northern Ireland.

It follows the story of five friends, Erin Quinn (Saoirse-Monica Jackson), Orla McCool (Louisa Harland), Claire Devlin (Nicola Coughlan), Michell Mallon (Jamie Lee O’Donnell) and James Mcguire (Dylan Llewellyn) as they navigate boys, birthdays and family drama.

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Season 3’s final episode aired on Channel 4 lastnight (17 May), with a special bonus episode dropping this evening (18 May) at 9pm.

Here’s everything you need to know about Derry Girls and if there will be a fourth season.

Will there be a season 4 of Derry Girls?

Derry Girls season three will be the last in the series (Pic: Peter Marley/Channel 4)

There will not be a season 4 of Derry Girls, with season 3 being the last instalment of the series.

Show writer and native Derry girl Lisa McGee announced it would not be returning for a fourth season in a statement in September 2021.

McGee said:  "It was always the plan to say goodbye after three series.

“Derry Girls is a coming of age story: following five ridiculous teenagers as they slowly... very slowly... start to become adults, while around them the place they call home starts to change too and Northern Ireland enters a new more hopeful phrase - which was a small, magical window of time."

When was the Derry Girls season 3 finale?

The Derry Girls season three finale aired on 17 May at 9pm on Channel 4.

Speaking to the Guardian, Dylan Llewellyn who plays James explained the ending of the series will come to, “a perfect conclusion.”

Anyone who missed the episode can now catch up on All4.

When is the Derry Girls bonus finale “Agreement” episode?

The Derry Girls bonus episode, which is called “Agreement,” will air on Channel 4 on 18 May at 9pm.

The special episode will pick up one year on and follows the group of friends’ as they prepare for their final year of school, just before the signing of the Good Friday Agreement.

The synopsis for the episode reads: “It’s the week of the referendum on the Good Friday Agreement and its timing couldn’t be any worse as the highlight of the year, Erin and Orla’s joint 18th birthday party, threatens to be overshadowed.

“While the family try to get their heads around the possible outcomes of the vote, the gang realise that they may not be ready for what the future holds.”

McGee took to Twitter to announce the bonus episode, tweeting, “Surprise, surprise.”

In a statement announcing the episode, McGee referred to the special as an, “encore for our loyal fans.”

Will there be a Derry Girls movie?

There are currently no plans for a Derry Girls movie.

Whilst on the red carpet at the season three premier in Derry, McGee dispelled rumours about movie plans to the Sunday Life.

She said: "A movie isn’t on my radar at the moment, not right now. You never know, but I have other commitments, as does Michael."

However, when asked about the possibility of a spin-off series McGee commented: "What I want to do is a spin-off with Ma Mary and Aunt Sarah solving crime and setting up a detective agency in Derry. Wouldn’t that be incredible?”