Jack Whitehall travels with my father season 5: locations of series starring dad Michael - and release date

The Netflix show will not return for another season - with series five titled ‘The final journey’

Comedian Jack Whitehall may well be best known for his hilarious role in British comedy series Bad Education, but fans have been more tuned into his real life in recent years.

Since 2017, he and his father Michael have been entertaining viewers of their show ‘Jack Whitehall: travels with my father’ which airs on Netflix.

The show is due to air a fifth season this September, but it will be bittersweet for fans as this is to be the final journey for the pair on their hit series.

So, when is season five released on Netflix - and where are the two headed? This is what you need to know.

When is season five released on Netflix?

The fifth and final season of Jack Whitehall: travels with my father will be released on Netflix on Tuesday 14 September.

What is Jack Whitehall: travels with my father about?

The series follows Jack, 33, and his 81-year-old dad as they travel around the world.

The series sees the two strengthen their father-son bond as they take on new experiences and adopt new cultures.

While the series is a documentary and Michael is his father, there has been speculation that much of the show is scripted.

The third and fourth series were only two episodes long each, but season five is expected to be longer.

Where will Jack and Michael travel to in season five?

Season five is the “magical mystery UK tour,” according to Jack, “perhaps the greatest challenge of all” he added.

The pair toured the UK throughout the past summer, with locations for their show expected to range across England, Scotland and Wales.

The trailer for the fifth season shows father and son flying helicopters, taking a dip in the Scottish countryside and dining with fiery celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay.

They also play the bagpipes, herd sheep and reflect on the past four years of the show.

In the first series, the Whitehalls visited Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam, followed by a second series in Eastern Europe.

In the third, shot in 2019, they went state-side for a trip around California and Arizona and on season four, they visited Australia.

In total, the Whitehall’s have toured 14 countries.

Why is season five the final season?

While neither Jack, Michael or Netflix have given a reason why this is the last season, it could be one of a few reasons.

Firstly, the series revolves around the duo being able to visit various countries, interact with locals and immerse themselves in the culture - something which has proven difficult during the pandemic.

Furthermore, Michael is now 81 and may wish to no longer spend weeks of his year filming and travelling.

Michael is heard saying in the trailer: “We’ve had a great time and I’m sure we’ll do lots of other things together, just no more travels.”

The final reason could be that Jack’s girlfriend, model Roxy Horner, was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease in May this year and so he might be keen to spend more time with her.