Maxine Channel 5: who stars in new drama with Jemma Carlton as Maxine Carr and Scott Reid as Ian Huntley?

True crime drama series Maxine follows the investigation into the Soham murders and the partner of killer Ian Huntley

The Soham murders shocked the UK in 2002 when an investigation revealed that caretaker Ian Huntley had killed two 10-year-old schoolgirls. In a sickening twist, the girls had attended the school where Huntley’s partner, Maxine Carr, worked, and were even in the same class that she taught.

Channel 5 drama miniseries Maxine focuses on the role that Carr played in attempting to derail the investigation - she provided a false alibi for Huntley and helped to remove evidence from their home. The series landed on Channel 5 20 years after the brutal murders took place - Huntley is still serving a minimum 40 year sentence, while Carr served just 21 months and was released in 2004 under a lifelong anonymity order.

Scott Reid as Ian Huntley and Jemma Carlton as Maxine Carr in MaxineScott Reid as Ian Huntley and Jemma Carlton as Maxine Carr in Maxine
Scott Reid as Ian Huntley and Jemma Carlton as Maxine Carr in Maxine

Who is in the cast of Maxine?

Jemma Carlton as Maxine Carr

Carlton plays Huntley’s partner, 22 at the time, who lied repeatedly on his behalf, telling police that she was with Huntley at the time of the murders, when she was actually more than 100 miles away. Maxine is Carlton’s first screen role, though she has previously acted on stage appearing in productions of Stranger Things, Shut Up and Drive, and Dead Lies.

Scott Reid as Ian Huntley

Reid plays the killer Ian Huntley, who lured the schoolgirls Holly Marie Wells and Jessica Aimee Chapman to his home before killing them, probably by strangulation, and dumping their bodies in a ditch 10 miles away. Reid has previously had roles on the other side of the law, playing DC Mick Clark in true crime drama series White House Farm - he also played former criminal Michael Farmer in Line of Duty. His other roles include playing Quill in the fantasy series Carnival Row, and Nigel in Second World War film The Forgotten Battle alongside Tom Felton.

Barry John Kinsella as DCI Andy Hebb

Hebb was the senior detective on the investigation into the Soham murders and gave evidence at Huntley’s trial at the Old Bailey. Kinsella has appeared in several short films since 2015 and will appear in upcoming films The Black Guelph, Pooka, The Sleep Experiment.

David Ryan as SIO Chris Stevenson

Stevenson, now retired, led the team that brought Huntley to justice, putting him behind bars for a minimum of 40 years. Ryan previously played a detective in another true crime production, the controversial short film Detainment about Jon Venables and Robert Thompson. He has also had small roles in The Tudors, Vikings, and Foyle’s War.

The real Detective Chief Superintendent Chris StephensonThe real Detective Chief Superintendent Chris Stephenson
The real Detective Chief Superintendent Chris Stephenson

Shane Nestor as Howard Gilbert

Gilbert was the principal at Soham Village College where Huntley got a job just months before the killings. Huntley’s references were not checked before he was offered a job at the school - which he moved to Soham for - in contravention of government guidelines. This is Nestor’s only screen role to date.

Simon Coury as Stephen Coward QC

Coward was a lead defence lawyer for Huntley at his trial - at the time he had worked as a barrister for almost four decades. He led the defence team which consisted of two other lawyers. Coury has had small roles in soaps, appearing in Emmerdale, Heartbeat, Coronation Street and EastEnders. He has also appeared in Ripper Street, Damo and Ivor, and Line of Duty.

Laurence Foster as Michael Hubbard QC

Hubbard, aged 61 at the time, led Carr’s defence team of three at her trial - she was on trial for perverting the course of justice. Foster’s other roles include playing a bishop in Vikings, Doctor Lennon in Ripper Street - he also made a small appearance in the historical biopic film Mary Shelley.

Steve Edge as Brian Farmer

Farmer was a journalist who interviewed Ian Huntley at his home during the time when police were searching for Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman. At this point Huntley knew that the girls would never be found alive. Edge has featured in several sitcoms including Scarborough, Benidorm, and Peep Show.

Natalie Britton as Jane Kerrigan

Kerrigan is a tabloid journalist who looked into the case - the story made front page headlines at the time of the investigation and the trial. Britton previously starred in the horror series Them - she previously played a news reporter in the 2010 film Britton is due to star in upcoming horror film Sacrament.

Jim Roche as Dr Nat Cary

Cary was instrumental in Huntley’s trial - he refuted the killer’s claim that Holly Wells drowned in his bath, convincing the jury to convict Huntley of murder. Roche will also appear in season two of Netflix series Valhalla, and he will play McDermott in the Irish film Ann which is currently in production.

When is Maxine on TV?

The first episode of the miniseries aired on Channel 5 on Monday 10 October at 9pm. Episodes will be released at the same time nightly for two more nights. Episodes will be available to watch on My5 shortly after they are first broadcast.