Will there be Ms Marvel season 2? When is episode 6 finale on Disney Plus - what happens in post-credit scene?

Iman Vellani played Kamala Khan, the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s first Muslim superhero in Ms Marvel and will return in upcoming MCU film, The Marvels

The first season of Ms Marvel, a six-part Disney Plus superhero series follows Kamala, an outcast at school who idolises superheroes like Captain Marvel and one day develops powers of her own.

The origin story series is the latest in a roster of big-budget Marvel shows, following Loki, Hawkeye, WandaVision, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and Moon Knight.

Ms. Marvel is streaming now on Disney PlusMs. Marvel is streaming now on Disney Plus
Ms. Marvel is streaming now on Disney Plus

What is Ms. Marvel about?

Kamala Khan is a huge superhero fan who aspires to be like the Marvel characters that exist in her universe.

She gets superpowers from a bangle that was owned by her great grandmother. Khan develops the powers of healing, shapeshifting, polymorphism, and can harness cosmic energy.

Khan is also part Djinn, an ancient race of interdimensional aliens who are inspired by the Jinn from Islamic folklore.

What happens in the post-credits scene of episode 6?

In the post-credits scene of the season finale, Khan’s bangle begins to glow in a different way to previous occasions.

She then dissapears in a glow of energy and Carol Danvers, (Captain Marvel), played by Brie Larson takes her place.

Carol looks around the room and sees all of the posters and art of herself on Khan’s wall, in a scene reminiscent of when Alan Partridge found himself trapped in a mega-fans home.

The post-credits scene sets up Vellani’s appearance in the upcoming Marvel film The Marvels, in which Brie Larson will also star.

Will there be a season 2 of Ms. Marvel?

Currently, there has been no official confirmation regarding a second season of Ms. Marvel - but that doesn’t mean it has been cancelled.

One thing’s for sure, episode six will not be the last we see of Kamala Khan in the MCU.

Vellani will reprise her role as Khan in The Marvels, an upcoming superhero film which will also star Brie Larson as Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel) and Samuel L. Jackson (Nick Fury).

Kamala Khan gained her powers from a magical bangleKamala Khan gained her powers from a magical bangle
Kamala Khan gained her powers from a magical bangle

The Marvels is a sequel to Captain Marvel, which will be a spac-set space-faring adventure.

Few plot details of The Marvels have been confirmed yet, but as it will star Vellani, it is unlikely that news of a second season of Ms. Marvel will be announced until after the film is released.

The Marvels is due for release in June 2023, after an initial release of November 2022 was pushed back to February, and then rescheduled again as the film’s release date was swapped with Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.

Therefore, news about season two of Ms. Marvel could be a long time coming. Watch this space for updates on the fate of the Marvel series.

Who will be in the cast of season 2 of Ms. Marvel?

If Ms. Marvel is renewed for a second season it is very likely to star Iman Vellani in the lead role.

Other cast members likely to return include Rish Shah as Kamran, Fawad Khan as Hasan, and Matt Lintz as Bruno.

When is episode 6 of Ms. Marvel on Disney Plus?

The final episode of Ms Marvel came to Disney Plus on 13 July and the full season is now available to stream on the site.

The season finale sees Kamala return to Jersey where she finds Kamran and protects him from Damage Control, the corrupt government organisation.

What other Marvel shows are coming out this year?

She-Hulk, a series about the exploits of an attorney at law who is also a 6 ft 7 female green hulk, is due for release on Disney Plus on 17 August.

Season two of What…If?, an animated series that explores the multiverse and questions what would happen if major events from previous Marvel films happened differently.

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