What happened with Rachel Finni from Love Island? Brad McClelland’s Instagram comments and response explained

Former Love Island star Brad McClelland has caused some drama with fellow 2021 co-star Rachel Finni - but he has apologised

Former Love Island contestant Brad McClelland has apologised to his co-star and former partner Rachel Finni for “publicly humiliating her.”

McClelland was speaking during a live video on social media when he made a comment questioning Finni’s appearance as a bombshell in the ITV dating show.

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A bombshell is someone who enters the villa later than the original line-up - with the intention of turning heads.

Finni was brought in as a bombshell in the 2021 series of Love Island and coupled up with McClelland for a few days.

Their time as a pair was short-lived and now, a year later, McClelland has upset Finni.

But, what exactly did he say, how did Finni respond, and then what did McClelland say in apology?

Here’s everything you need to know.

Love Island’s Brad McClelland has apologised for a comment he made about co-star Rachel Finni on Instagram.

What did Brad McClelland say on Instagram?

On Wednesday evening, 8 June, McClelland, 26, along with fellow ex-islanders who also appeared in the 2021 series Jake Cornish, 25, Tyler Cruickshank, 26, and Aaron Francis, 24, joined together to go live on an Instagram video.

During the video, the former Love Island stars discussed a range of topics, including their season’s female bombshells.

Finni, 29, was one of the first bombshells to enter the villa, and McClelland coupled up with her for a time.

When Finni’s name was mentioned, McClelland scoffed and pulled a face, implying that she shouldn’t have been called a bombshell.

The three other men burst out laughing in response and were laughing so much they seemed unable to speak.

Despite the conversation then moving on, McClelland brought back the conversation to the subject of bombshells again and said: "Again, Rachel, not a bombshell".

What did Rachel Finni say in response on Instagram?

When Finni became aware of the video, she took to her own Instagram account to respond.

Posting on her Instagram stories later the same evening, 8 June, she accused the four men of ‘living off Love Island fame’.

She said: “Imagine I was only on it five minutes, have the least amount of followers and yet still have more substance, more impact and more interest expressed in me than the lot combined.

"Aside from living off Love Island fame what exactly are you doing!? What else are you recognised for outside vanity and social media!?"

She went on to admit that the incident had left regretted appearing on the ITV dating show for the first time.

She said: "Despite everything that happened till now, I still saw the experience as a blessing.

“No matter how awful and manipulated it was I just took it as part of the experience as it led me to amazing things.

"But for it to be today and I have actual nobodies mimicking me and discussing me publicly like a joke.

“I am fully over it and regret going on the show. Why is this deserving of going on a tv show?"

She added that she believes the four men involved in the video "idiots".

She said: "How do these actual idiots think it’s ok to publicly humiliate me and discuss me like that?"

She also said that it was not the first time she has felt humiliated by her appearance on Love Island last year.

"And not just today. Multiple, multiple and multiple times over.

"Today, a year later, and I’m still being bullied/ taunted openly for all to see. Honestly.…if there’s a statement stronger than "f**k you’ understand it and receive it. I’m done."

What did Brad McClelland say in his apology on Twitter?

On the evening of Thursday 9 June McClelland took to his Twitter page to apologise to Finni.

He said: "I want to apologise to Rachel and others for any feelings that were hurt during our Instagram Live the other night.

“I’ve watched the video back and I can see how this was perceived.

"This upon reflection was not not the way to behave and 100% not my intention to hurt or upset her and those who know me, know I’m not that type of person."

"I have since reached out to Rachel personally and apologised for any hurt that I caused. From the bottom of my heart I am really, really sorry."

It is not known what Finni’s response was, but she previously said she did not want an apology as it “wouldn’t be authentic”.