The Apprentice reviewed by a career coach: Sophie’s ‘pimpmobile’ left everyone confused

This week on The Apprentice, the teams were tasked with designing an autonomous vehicle. What could possibly go wrong, asks Corinne Mills

The Apprentice candidates had to design a sustainable vehicle (Photo: BBC)The Apprentice candidates had to design a sustainable vehicle (Photo: BBC)
The Apprentice candidates had to design a sustainable vehicle (Photo: BBC)

Sophie Wilding volunteered herself as Project Manager, seemingly confident that her cocktail bar design background would stand her in good stead and pleased that her rather dismissive colleagues would finally have to listen to her. Unfortunately, they did listen.

Firstly she wanted it to be a party vehicle, then she didn’t, and then she decided what the hell anyway, and decked it out with pink seats, red carpet, a starlight ceiling and a karaoke machine. A “pimpmobile”, as Lord Sugar tagged it.

Her branding team were understandably confused as were the buyers who on the whole were catering for more of a business audience than the hens and stags crowd.

If only she’d decked it out with £800 a roll wallpaper, she could have pitched it to Downing Street for their fleet cars. Ideal for working and partying at the same time, the local Co-op programmed in the sat-nav for booze pick-ups, Mama Mia ready on the karaoke, tinted windows so voters can’t see. She’d have cleaned up.

Akeem: Mr Indecisive

This is the second time that Akeem Bundu-Kamara has been Project Manager and won. He appears to be easily swayed, but you could also argue that he’s smart to adjust to a better idea if he hears it, and if it doesn’t work out, then they’ll have to answer for it in the Boardroom, not him.

However, he’ll need to display more grit and decisiveness if he wants to go further in the competition, as Lord Sugar won’t want a business partner who he thinks can be easily railroaded.

Akeem and Brittany didn’t see eye to eye (Photo: BBC)Akeem and Brittany didn’t see eye to eye (Photo: BBC)
Akeem and Brittany didn’t see eye to eye (Photo: BBC)

Unlike Akeem, Brittney Carter certainly doesn’t lack self-confidence. She and she alone was responsible for the success of the task because according to her, she would always be a Winner.

The Greta Thunberg of the House wasn’t just drawing pictures on a driverless milk float, she was yet again saving the entire planet and revolutionising travel.

Brittney has some good instincts and if she can tone down the megalomania a tad, maybe offload some to Akeem, then she might become a serious competitor in this competition.

Sophie was fired by Lord Sugar (Photo: BBC)Sophie was fired by Lord Sugar (Photo: BBC)
Sophie was fired by Lord Sugar (Photo: BBC)

Nick’s ambitions vs reality

Meanwhile Nick Showering had some more wonderfully Partridge-esque moments this week.

The gap between his self-perception as Sugar’s heir-apparent and the reality is becoming funnier each week. He’s disappointed when the buyers consider buying only five cars when he firmly expected them to take 100.

He tells the buyers that the vehicle’s seat is comfortable because “I’ve sat on it” as though his discerning behind makes him some kind of elite seat sommelier or like the Princess with the Pea.

Trying to reassure a dubious buyer, he sighs, “Wouldn’t it be great to feel like a star and ride like a star?”

Given that Nick’s taxi ride home is surely near, it looks like his wish will shortly be granted.

Corinne Mills is a career coach with Personal Career Management and author of best-selling books on CVs and career change.

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