Walter Presents 2022: best new releases on UK Channel 4 platform - from The King of Warsaw to The Chalet

Walter Presents is Channel 4’s specially curated strand of international drama - here are all the new boxsets to look forward to, from The Chalet to King of Warsaw

Walter Presents is Channel 4’s specially curated strand of international drama, bringing Nordic crime dramas and Italian political thrillers to UK audiences since 2016.

Some previous shows featured by Walter that have proven particularly popular include French series Time is a Killer, Italian thriller The Hunter, and German drama Deutschland 83.

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Here’s everything that’s currently been announced as coming soon to Walter Presents on Channel 4.

What is Walter Presents?

Walter Presents is a specially curated showcase of award-winning foreign language drama. Each series is introduced by Walter Iuzzolino, the producer and passionate drama fan who partnered with Channel 4 to bring a wider array of television to different audiences.

You can find Walter Presents dramas as boxsets on All4. Individual Walter Presents dramas are broadcast on Channel 4 as well.

What’s coming to Walter Presents on May?

The King Of Warsaw ● Sunday 15 May

A man brandishes a gun in a lecture theatre in The King of Warsaw (Credit: Walter Presents/Channel 4)

What’s it about?

It’s 1937 Warsaw and fascism hangs over Europe. The Jewish mafia rules the city under the leadership of Buddy Kaplica, a Polish gangster-socialist with connections in high places. His right-hand man is a ruthless Jewish boxer, Jakub Szapiro; deep down, Jakub dreams about taking over Buddy’s position and becoming the king of the mafia. Torn between loyalty to his boss and a chance to fulfil his own ambitions, Jakub will rise to a decisive fight for power in the streets and will be absorbed by the relentless world of sex and violence causing a mob war which could determine the fate of Warsaw and the entire country.

Who’s in it?

Michal Zurawski, Lena Gora, and Arkadiusz Jakubik star in this drama from creators Jan P. Matuszynski and Lukasz M. Maciejewski.

The Nordic Murders series 3 ● Friday 13 May

The police investigate in The Nordic Murders season 3 (Credit: Walter Presents/Channel 4)

What’s it about?

After the death of her daughter, former prosecutor Karin Lossow and her new partner-in-crime, homicide detective Ellen Norgaard, are back to solve more crimes on the Baltic Sea island of Usedom. It’s tourist season at the Kaiserbad, and this year’s season brings plenty of 16-year olds out of their minds on drugs – that is, until one of them is found dead in a sauna.

Who’s in it?

Katrin Saß and Rikke Lylloff star in this series created by Scarlett Kleint, Michael Illner, Alfred Roesler-Kleint and Andreas Herzog.

The Chalet ● Friday 27 May

Nade Dieu as Mathilde and Maud Jurez as Maud in Le Chalet (Credit: Nathalie Guyon/FTV)

What’s it about?

A French thriller intercut between two time periods. In Summer 2017, Adele and Manu become trapped in a newly renovated chalet; twenty years earlier, the Rodier family disappeared from that same chalet without a trace. What is the connection between these two tragic summers?

Who’s in it?

Chloe Lambert, Phillippe Dusseau, and Blanche Veisberg star in this series created by Camille Bordes-Resnais and Alexis Lecaye.

Where and how can I watch Walter Presents?

The King of Warsaw will start on Channel 4 on Sunday 15 May at 11pm, while The Nordic Murders series 3 will air new episodes weekly on More4 from Friday 13 May. Both series will be available immediately as boxsets.

The collected works featured in Walter Presents are available as boxsets on All4. There are currently 80 different dramas of varying lengths and languages available via Walter Presents, from moody German thrillers to haunting French crime dramas.

Who is Walter Iuzzolino?

The Walter of Walter Presents, Iuzzolino is a television producer and drama fan. He selects the dramas that are featured as part of Walter Presents, acting as curator for the strand. Iuzzolino founded Walter Presents alongside Jason Thorp and Jo McGrath.

As a producer, some of the series he’s been personally involved in in the UK include The Undateables and My Big Fat Fetish, as well as the English-language remakes of Professor T, Before We Die, and Suspect.