Walter Presents 2023: best new releases on UK Channel 4 platform, from Dark Rivers to Top Dog

Walter Presents is Channel 4’s specially curated strand of international drama - here’s everything you’ve got to look forward to in 2023

Walter Presents is Channel 4’s specially curated strand of international drama, bringing everything from Nordic crime dramas to Italian political thrillers to UK audiences since 2016.

Some previous shows featured by Walter that have proven particularly popular include French series Time is a Killer, Italian thriller The Hunter, and German drama Deutschland 83.

Here’s everything that’s currently been announced as coming soon to Walter Presents on Channel 4.

What is Walter Presents?

Walter Presents is a specially curated showcase of award-winning foreign language drama. Each series is introduced by Walter Iuzzolino, the producer and passionate drama fan who partnered with Channel 4 to bring a wider array of television to different audiences.

You can find Walter Presents dramas as boxsets on All4. Individual Walter Presents dramas are broadcast on Channel 4 as well.

What’s coming to Walter Presents this winter?

Dark Rivers ● Friday 13 January

Michael Ostrowski as Ferdinand Zankl and Marie Leuenberger as Frederike Bader in Dark River, gesturing to a whiteboard (Credit: Walter Presents)

What’s it about? After a policewoman from Berlin gave testimony against a powerful clan boss, she is forced to enter witness protection and begin a new life with her daughter in Paussau. But when a dubious private investigator threatens to expose the former policewoman, and her daughter tries to make contact with her old friends, will their new life explode completely?

Who’s in it? Marie Leuenberger, Nadja Sabersky, Michael Ostrowski, Stefan Rudolf, and Bettina Mittendorfer star in this 4x90min German crime drama.

How can I watch it? Dark Rivers will be available as a boxset on All4 from Friday 13 January.

Grow ● Sunday 22 January

Andreas Jessen as Adam in Grow (Credit: Walter Presents)

What’s it about? When newly graduated stockbroker Adam learns that his dad has died, he runs from his anxiety-ridden every day back to his childhood neighbourhood. On his return, he finds himself captivated by the criminal underworld his father moved in - desperate to start a new drug cartel, Adam faces down rival gangs, local politicians, and his brother the police officer.

Who’s in it? Lars Mikkelsen (Sherlock, The Witcher), Andreas Jessen, Sebastian Jessen (Borgen), and Sebastian Bull star in this 8x60min Danish drama from creator Milad Avaz.

How can I watch it? The first episode of Grow will air on Channel 4 on Sunday 22 January at 11:30pm. Otherwise, the full series will be available as a boxset on All4 on Friday 20 January.

The Defence S3 ● Friday 27 January

Three lawyers in Defence S3 (Credit: Walter Presents)

What’s it about? Since burning her career, Chyłka has provided legal advice for a living and her free time is spent drinking. Everything changes when she’s approached by a man whose wife and daughter were brutally murdered. Chyłka undertakes the case to help this grieving husband and father with legal formalities related to inheritance policy. She does not expect that a seemingly trivial inheritance case may become a springboard for her return to the top…

Who’s in it? Magdalena Cieleka, Filip Plawiak, Piotr Zurawski, Szymon Bobrowski, Jakub Gierszal, and Ireneusz Czop star in this award-nominated 7x60min Polish drama from creator Remigiusz Mróz.

How can I watch it? The Defence S3 will be available to watch as part of a boxset on Friday 27 January.

Top Dog ● Sunday 5 February, Channel 4

Two men embrace, with golden curtains and balloons behind them, in Top Dog (Credit: Walter Presents)

What’s it about? A mysterious disappearance makes two separate worlds collide. Lawyer Emily and recently released convict Teddy have different desires:  She wants up. He wants out. She wants to secure her future. He wants to leave his old life behind. They are both forced to think again when they end up in the middle of a dangerous conspiracy where nothing is what it seems.

Who’s in it? Josefin Asplund (Walter Presents: Snow Angels), Alexej Manvelov, and Jessica Grabowsky star in this 8x60min Swedish drama from creators Veronica Zacco, Molly Hartleb, and Alexis Almström.

How can I watch it? The first episode of Top Dog will air on Channel 4 at 11:30pm on Sunday 5 February. The full series will be available as a boxset on All4 from Friday 3 February.

The Wall: Cover Your Tracks  ● Friday 10 February, More4

A woman sits in blue stadium seats in The Wall: Cover Your Tracks (Credit: Walter Presents)

What’s it about? In the middle of Quebec’s winter, detective Céline Trudeau investigates a strange murder in a small mining town where no one is safe. Upon arriving she discovers “The Wall” – an immense structure that protects the inhabitants from the icy Arctic wind.

Who’s in it?  Isabel Richer, Alexander Landry, and Maripier Morin star in this 8x60min French-Canadian drama from creator Patrice Sauvé.

How can I watch it? The first episode of The Wall will air on More4 at 9pm on Friday 10 February, with the full series available as a boxset on All4 immediately afterwards.

Where and how can I watch Walter Presents?

The collected works featured in Walter Presents are available as boxsets on All4. There are currently 80 different dramas of varying lengths and languages available via Walter Presents, from moody German thrillers to haunting French crime dramas.

Who is Walter Iuzzolino?

The Walter of Walter Presents, Iuzzolino is a television producer and drama fan. He selects the dramas that are featured as part of Walter Presents, acting as curator for the strand. Iuzzolino founded Walter Presents alongside Jason Thorp and Jo McGrath.

As a producer, some of the series he’s been personally involved in in the UK include The Undateables and My Big Fat Fetish, as well as the English-language remakes of Professor T, Before We Die, and Suspect.