Where is The Coroner filmed? UK filming locations of BBC TV series starring Claire Goose and Matt Bardock

The crime drama follows a lawyer-turned-coroner, who seeks answers to strange and unexplained deaths in her hometown

The BBC is not short on producing crime dramas, and the latest to it’s list is ‘The Coroner’.

Fans of Line of Duty, Time and The Pact will be eager to add this to their watchlist.

Much like the other crime dramas, scenes from The Coroner were shot in villages and towns which eagle-eyed viewers in the UK might recognise.

So, where was ‘The Coroner’ filmed and what is it about? This is what you need to know.

The Coroner filming locations

The Coroner is set in the fictional town Lighthaven, based on Salcombe, South Devon.

ilming locations featured in The Coroner include:

Salcombe is a popular staycation location, with a busy local town centre lined with quirky restaurants and bars full of local cuisine and Devonshire charm.

The series was also filmed in Totnes, Dartmouth and Bantham.

Viewers might also recognise Lukesland House and Gardens in scenes from the show. The gardens consist of 24 acres of flowers, shrubs and trees and is located in Dartmouth National Park.

Hope Cove, a sands beach with rocky cliffs and stunning picturesque coastal views was also used as a filming location.

Sandra Maclver, producer on the series, said: “Devon is very much a character in the series and wherever possible it should feature and so should the water whether it’s the coast or river’. ‘If there is water around it should be in shot, so you’ll often see it.”

What is The Coroner about?

The show follows former solicitor Jane (Claire Goose), as moves back to the town she grew up in following the breakdown of her relationship.

Looking for a change, she takes up position as the town’s coroner and becomes partner of

Davey (Matt Bardock), the boy who broke her heart and is now local Detective Sergeant.

Jane works to become an advocate for the dead as she investigates sudden, violent or unexplained deaths occurring in her community.

The show has now been commissioned for a second series, also shot in South Devon.

When is The Coroner on TV?

Each of series one’s five episodes will air daily at 1.45pm on BBC One, from Monday 23rd August.

All episodes are also now available on BBC iPlayer. Series two has not yet been released.

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