Who is Blac Chyna? When did she date Rob Kardashian, court case against Kardashians explained - and net worth

<p>Blac Chyna at the Academy Awards in February 2020 (Photo: Amy Sussman/Getty Images)</p>

Blac Chyna at the Academy Awards in February 2020 (Photo: Amy Sussman/Getty Images)

The court case between the Kardashian family and Blac Chyna - the ex-fiancee of Rob Kardashian - has begun.

A smashed gingerbread house, a phone cord and a gun were at the centre of disputed testimony in the trial over former reality television star Chyna’s lawsuit against the Kardashian family.

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During all-day testimony in a Los Angeles courtroom, Chyna said she wrapped the charging cord around then-fiance Rob Kardashian’s neck and grabbed his always-unloaded gun in jest on an evening in 2016 when the two were celebrating the renewal of their reality show, Rob & Chyna.

She said she later got justifiably angry when their all-night celebration went sour because of his jealous accusations.

“I smashed a gingerbread house, because I was really upset,” she said. “Then I damaged a TV.”

Chyna is suing the Kardashians for allegedly destroying her television career.

Here is everything you need to know.

Who is Blac Chyna?

Blac Chyna, whose legal name is Angela Renée White, is a model and influencer.

She originally rose to prominence in 2010 as the stunt double for Nicki Minaj in the music video for the song ‘Monster’ by Kanye West, and gained wider media attention after being name-dropped in the song ‘Miss Me’ by Drake the same year.

Born in 1988 in Washington D.C, White began working as a stripper to pay for her college tuition, a career path she would pick up again while attending university in Florida.

However, the late nights were not conducive to her education, and she eventually dropped out from exhaustion after repeatedly falling asleep in class.

She began to focus on stripping and modelling, taking the name Blac Chyna on a customer's suggestion as a stage name.

When did she date Rob Kardashian?

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna at her Blac Chyna Birthday Celebration at the Hard Rock Cafe in Hollywood in 2016 (Photo: Greg Doherty/Getty Images)

White began dating the lone Kardashian brother, Rob, in January 2016.

By the time the year was over they were engaged, and in November 2016 welcomed baby daughter Dream to the world.

They were also starring in their own Keeping Up With The Kardashians spin-off called Rob and Chyna on the E! network; a second season was being shot when the two broke up and the show was scrapped.

The break-up was confirmed by Kardashian in an Instagram post in December 2016. They couple managed to reconcile a few days later, but separated again in February 2017.

In July 2017, Kardashian posted sexually explicit photos of Chyna on social media, leading to Chyna's obtaining a temporary restraining order against him.

In 2017, White sued the family for 100 million dollars (£77 million), saying they had defamed her and illegally interfered with her contracts and business dealings, using their power with producers and executives to drive her out of reality television.

The Kardashians denied any wrongdoing and said in court filings that they had legitimate concerns about White and fears for the safety of their son and brother due to the “violence and toxicity” of the relationship.

Why is she suing the Kardashians?

White is suing the Kardashians for allegedly destroying her television career.

She is suing the Keeping Up With The Kardashians matriarch and her daughters Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner for lost earnings from the end of the 2016 spinoff after one season, and the loss of celebrity earning power that resulted from it.

“Kris Jenner set out to have Rob & Chyna cancelled,” lawyer Lynne Ciani told the jury in the trial’s opening statements, as Jenner and the other Kardashian women sat in the front row of the gallery.

“And she brought in her three daughters to help accomplish that.”

The defendants’ lawyer, Michael G Rhodes, began his opening statement by introducing his clients and having them stand up, saying that Kris Jenner “manages the vast empire that this family has built from scratch” and calling Kim Kardashian “one of the world’s most famous people”.

He said Chyna wanted what they have.

What is her net worth?

According to CelebrityNetWorth.com, Blac Chyna has an estimated net worth of $10 million (£7.7 million).