Who is on Question Time tonight? BBC show’s panel with Mick Lynch and Rachel Maclean - what time is it on TV

The RMT secretary-general will be joined by Conservative MP Rachael MacLean and Labour’s Nick Thomas-Symonds on the Question Time panel

RMT secretary-general Mick Lynch has certainly made a name for himself in the past few days.

The cool, calm and collected union boss has went viral online for his takedowns of reporters and Tory MPs, and he is now due to face the Question Time audience.

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As rail strikes continue, Mr Lynch will face off against fellow panelist and questions from the audience.

But who else is on the panel and when is it on TV?

Who is on Question Time this week?

Mick Lynch

RMT secretary-general Mich Lynch is set to appear on BBC Question Times to answer questions about the ongoing rail strikes. (Credit: Getty Images)

Mick Lynch has become a household name after making the media rounds during the rail strikes.

Mr Lynch has been the permanent secretary-general of the RMT Union since May 2021, but has been a loyal trade unionist throughout his career.

Having worked in the rail industry for almost 30 years, he became active in the RMT Union after beginning work for Eurostar in 1993.

Rachel MacLean

Rachel MacLean is the Conservative MP for Redditch, a role she has held since 2017.

Ms MacLean also served under former Chancellor Sajid Javid as a parliamentary private secretary from September 2019 until February 2020.

Nick Thomas-Symonds

Nick Thomas-Symonds will appear on Question Time tonight. (Credit: Getty Images)

Nick Thomas-Symonds is the shadow International Trade Secretary, and a Labour MP for Torfaen.

Mr Thomas-Symonds has served as an MP since 2015, and was appointed as Shadow International Trade Secretary in 2021.

Prior to his work as a politican, he worked as a barrister.

Ben Habib

Ben Habib joins the Question Time panel in Stratford-upon Avon. (Credit: Getty Images)

Ben Habib is a British businessman and former member of the European Parliament.

The businessman represented the Brexit party in the European Parliament, having previously been a member of the Conservative Party.

Mr Habib is also the chief executive of commerical property investment company First Property Group.

Anne Boden

Anne Boden, CEO of Starling Bank, will be grilled on the Question Time panel. (Credit: Getty Images)

Anne Boden is the founder and CEO of the mobile-only banking platform Starling Bank.

Ms Boden is well-versed in the banking industry, having previously worked at institutions such as Lloyds Banking Group and Standard Chartered.

In 2018, she received an MBE for her services to financial technology, and in 2020, Ms Boden became an adviser to the Government’s Board of Trade.

What will the Question Time panel be talking about?

There is no doubt that host Fiona Bruce will be grilling Mr Lynch and the rest of the panel for their view on the rail straikes currently ongoing across the country.

The strikes have seen services cut to just around 10% of scheduled departures leaving UK stations, as rail workers stage industrial action in a dispute over pay.

Around 40,000 workers have taken part in the walkout.

Mr Thomas-Symonds is also likely to be asked about his views on the Conservative’s controversial Rwanda immigration policy, which has proposed that asylum seekers looking to relocate to the UK should be sent to the African country while awaiting their decision.

Other topics which are likely to be up for debate includes the current cost-of-living crisis and soaring inflation.

Where is Question Time being held?

The weekly panel debate show moves from location to location each week.

This week the show will be broadcast from Stratford-upon-Avon.

When is Question Time on TV?

Question Time will be screened on BBC One at 10:40pm following the 10 O’Clock news.

How can I watch Question Time?

You will be able to watch Question Time live on TV.

It will also be available to watch live on the BBC iPlayer, and will be available to watch on catch up shortly after it is broadcast live.