The Flash season 8: release date of superhero series, cast with Grant Gustin, Armageddon crossover explained

The eighth season features another Arrowverse crossover event, Armageddon

Grant Gustin is back on our screens in the role of Barry Allen for an eighth season of The Flash.

With the crossover into the Arrowverse, expect to see the return of your favourite superheroes - and get ready to meet a new villain.

This is what you need to know about The Flash and its Armageddon crossover.

What is The Flash season 8 about?

Barry Allen became the fastest man alive after a freak accident gave him the power of super speed.

The forensic investigator decides to use his super power to fight crime in Central City as The Flash, a costumed superhero.

In season eight, a powerful alien arrives on Earth under mysterious circumstances.

The Flash, his wife Iris and the rest of Team Flash begin a battle to save the world.

However, time is running out and the fate of humanity is at stake, so The Flash will need to enlist the help of some old friends.

(L-R) Tom Cavanagh, Grant Gustin and Candice Patton speak at “The Flash” Special Video Presentation and Q&A during 2019 Comic-Con International in California. (Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images)

What is the Armageddon crossover?

The first five episodes of the season are set in Arrowverse - a shared universe for various interconnected TV series based on DC Comics superheroes.

The special crossover event is known as Armageddon, and will see the return of Arrowverse heroes and villains, including The Atom and Black Lightning.

The crossover will also answer questions that Arrow fans had after the Green Arrow & The Canaries series finale ended on a cliff-hanger as Mia’s brother William was kidnapped by unknown forces.

When is season 8 of The Flash coming to the UK?

Season eight of The Flash premiered in the UK on Tuesday 29 March.

Sky Max and Sky Showcase aired the one-hour episode at 8pm.

Episodes of the 18-part sci-fi series will air weekly, on a Tuesday.

Who is the cast of The Flash?

Grant Gustin plays Bally Allen, known by his superhero name The Flash.

Gustin is an American actor and singer best known for his roles in The Flash and as Sebastian Smythe in Glee.

Candice Patton plays Iris West-Allen who is The Flash’s wife, and her father, Joe West, is played by Jesse L Martin.

Patton won a Saturn Award from four nominations for her role in The Flash, and she has also featured in other DC series including Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow and Arrow.

Danielle Nicolet (3rd Rock from the Sun, Heartland) plays Cecile Horton, who has a romantic relationship with Joe West, Iris’ father. Horton is a district attorney who developed telepathic and empathic powers.

Danielle Panabaker plays superhero Frost, also known as Caitlin Snow. She is the daughter of scientists Thomas Snow (Kyle Secor) and Carla Tannhauser (Susan Walters).

Panabaker began acting as a teenager and came to fame from her roles in multiple Disney films - including Stuck in the Suburbs, Sky High and Read It and Weep.

Where can I watch other seasons of The Flash?

Seasons one to seven are available to watch and download on Sky.

The seasons are also available on Netflix, and season eight will be launched on Netflix shortly after it has aired on Sky.