Ukraine war anniversary: which countries have given the most military aid? Data explained for UK, US and EU

As the UK comes under pressure to send fighter jets to Kyiv, we reveal how much military support Ukraine has received from allies since the start of the war.

World nations have pledged more than €60 billion in military aid to Ukraine since the start of the war one year ago, with the United States and UK pledging the most to help the country fight off Russia’s invasion.

The massive sum involves around €15.6 billion worth of heavy weapons, including tanks, armoured vehicles and multiple launch rocket systems.

Ukraine and the world at large are this week marking the first anniversary since Russia launched a full-scale invasion of its neighbour, which began on 24 February 2022. UK prime minister Rishi Sunak continues to come under increasing pressure to send fighter jets to Kyiv. His predecessor Liz Truss joined former PM Boris Johnson on Monday (20 February) in calling for them to be sent to Kyiv immediately.

Despite being the biggest financial supporter of Ukraine, US president Joe Biden’s administration is also under pressure to send jets. He used a speech in Warsaw yesterday (21 February) to condemn Russia’s “murderous assault” and said the West’s support for Ukraine remained “rock hard”. The UK’s Ministry of Defence (MOD) told NationalWorld it is committed to sending more equipment to Ukraine.

Which countries have promised the most military support to Ukraine?

The Kiel Institute for the World Economy has been tracking the amount of bilateral aid pledged to Ukraine by nations each month since the start of the war, with the latest data covering the period 24 January 2022 to 15 January 2022. Bilateral aid is aid that is transferred directly from one country’s government to another.

The tracker shows that total aid pledges, including humanitarian and financial assistance, peaked in December last year when just under €40 billion was promised. Specific military aid also peaked in December, with just under €23 billion worth pledged.

In total €108.6 billion worth of aid has been promised to Ukraine by nations since the start of the war, including €62.2 for military purposes. The European Peace Facility has also promised €3.1 billion in military aid, which is not included in the bilateral total.


The figures also show a country-by-country breakdown on military commitments. The US has pledged the greatest amount of military assistance since the start of the Russian invasion, committing €44.3 billion worth – four times greater than the €10.7 pledged collectively by EU members and nine times greater than the UK’s €4.9 billion.

Military aid includes all types of weapons and military equipment as well as items donated to the Ukrainian army and financial assistance tied for military purposes.


Analysis of Kiel Institute data by NationalWorld reveals which countries have pledged the greatest amount of military assistance as a percentage of gross domestic product (GDP). When GDP is factored in, eastern European countries – namely Estonia, Latvia, Poland and Lithuania – have been the biggest donors, while the US ranked 6th and the UK 10th.


Tanks and rocket launch systems

When it comes to military aid promised on heavy weapons, the US again tops the rankings (without accounting for GDP), having pledged €5.4 billion, followed by the EU with €4.4 billion.


The Kiel Institute’s analysis on heavy weaponry does not include ammunition of any kind, smaller arms and equipment, and large amounts of US funds committed for future weapons purchases. The numbers are calculated based on The Kiel Institute’s own value and price estimates for heavy weaponry.

Ukraine has not necessarily received all of the weapons that have been promised. As of 15 January, 104 tanks, 107 Howitzers (an artillery weapon) and 25 multiple launch rocket systems were outstanding and had not yet been delivered.


What weapons has the UK provided to Ukraine?

From air missiles to tanks, additional figures sent to NationalWorld from the MOD shows how much military support has been provided since the start of the war. The type of aid provided are listed in the table below. Can’t see the table? You can open it in the Flourish website here.


The MOD told NationalWorld it is committed to sending more equipment to Ukraine.