Covid cases UK: the 15 areas with the highest coronavirus cases rights now

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has credited the vaccination rollout with breaking the link between coronavirus cases and deaths, but infections are still rising across the country.

The UK government is bracing for a huge surge in Covid-19 cases when restrictions lift in England on 19 July (Composite: Kim Mogg / JPIMedia)

The UK government is bracing for a huge surge in Covid-19 cases following the lifting of all remaining lockdown restrictions in England on 19 July, with expectations infections could rise to around 100,000 cases per day. The recent surge in cases has been fuelled by the spread of the highly contagious Delta Covid variant, which first originated in India, with 99 per cent of all local areas in England seeing a week-on-week rise in rates according to Public Health England data. But how does the picture look across the whole country? Listed are the 15 areas of the UK which currently have the coronavirus case rates right now, based on the seven days up to 1 July. Images are for illustrative purposes.

Dundee City’s Covid-19 case rate is 1,316 and the area had 881.3 new cases.

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Tamworth’s Covid-19 case rate is 563 and the area had 734.1 new cases.
Midlothian’s Covid-19 case rate is 665 and the area had 719.2 new cases.
Newcastle Upon Tyne’s Covid-19 case rate is 2,156 and the area had 712 new cases.
South Tyneside’s Covid-19 case rate is 1,042 and the area had 690.2 new cases.
Gateshead’s Covid-19 case rate is 1,272 and the area had 629.5 new cases.
Rossendale’s Covid-19 case rate is 444 and the area had 62.1 new cases.
East Lothian’s Covid-19 case rate is 652 and the area had 608.8 new cases.
North East Lincolnshire’s Covid-19 case rate is 970 and the area had 607.9 new cases.
Sunderland’s Covid-19 case rate is 1,684 and the area had 606.4 new cases.
Hyndburn’s Covid-19 case rate is 488 and the area had 602.1 new cases.
City of Edinburgh’s Covid-19 case rate is 3,135 and the area had 597.2 new cases.
North Tyneside’s Covid-19 case rate is 1,220 and the area had 586.8 new cases.
County Durham’s Covid-19 case rate is 3,100 and the area had 584.8 new cases.
Manchester’s Covid-19 case rate is 3,010 and the area had 544.4 new cases.