Thousands of monkeypox cases have been identified across England.

Monkeypox outbreak: 15 areas in England with greatest number of virus cases

The monkeypox outbreak has now spread to nearly all local areas of England, figures show. Here are the council areas which have reported the highest number of cases so far.

Monkeypox cases have now been identified in almost every council area of England, official figures show.

The majority of cases across the UK have so far been transmitted between gay and bisexual men, and men who have sex with other men.

The NHS is offering smallpox (MVA) vaccination to people who are most likely to be exposed to the virus.

Despite vaccination now rolling out across the UK, the country is still seeing the number of cases climb, with latest figures showing more than 3,000 people have so far been infected with the virus.

Between 6 May and 8 August, there were 2,914 confirmed and 103 highly probable monkeypox cases reported in the UK, according to the latest figures published by the UK Health Security Agency.

England currently has the greatest number of confirmed cases with 2,883, followed by Scotland with 69, 40 in Wales and 25 in Northern Ireland.

London also continues to be the worst affected region in the UK with a high proportion of cases being linked to residents in the capital. In total 71% of cases (2,047 of 2,870 with location information) were located in London.

Figures have been released at a local level for England. These show 139 council areas across England have seen at least one monkeypox case, with five recording more than 100. 11 council areas have not recorded any cases.

Here we reveal which areas of England had the greatest number of confirmed and highly probable monkeypox cases, as of August 8.

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