World Diabetes Day 2022: what is day and what did Nick Jonas say about his Type 1 symptoms?

Nick Jonas was first diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 13

Nick Jonas has opened up about his experience with Type 1 diabetes in honour of World Diabetes Day. The American singer took to Instagram to share a post outlining the four signs of his condition so that others could get a diagnosis.

But when is World Diabetes Day 2022 - and what did Nick Jonas say on his Instagram post?

Here is everything you need to know.

Nick Jonas pictured alongside his wife Priyanka Chopra. (Getty Images)

When is World Diabetes Day 2022 - and what is it?

World Diabetes Day is held on Monday 14 November 2022. The event takes place on the same date every year.

World Diabetes Day is an event dedicated to raising awareness of diabetes and supporting those who suffer from it.

Each event aims to focus on a slightly different theme relating to the disorder. Here are some of the examples of past themes for World Diabetes Day:

  • 2013: Protect our future: diabetes education and prevention
  • 2014: Go blue for breakfast
  • 2015: Healthy eating
  • 2016: Eyes on diabetes
  • 2017: Women and diabetes - our right to a healthy future
  • 2018 - 2019: The family and diabetes
  • 2020: The nurse and diabetes

What is the theme of World Diabetes Day 2022?

The theme for World Diabetes Day 2021-2023 is“Access to diabetes Care".

Millions of people with diabetes around the world do not have access to the care they need and this year’s event is aiming to push the government to increase their investment in diabetes care and prevention.

Education to protect tomorrow is the theme of the second year of the World Diabetes Day 2021-2023 campaign. The activities are set to focus on highlighting the need for improved education for both health professionals and people living with diabetes.

What did Nick Jonas say about his type 1 diabetes?

American singer Nick Jonas shared his story about his experience with Type 1 diabetes and the signs that he had the condition.

He said: “I had four signs that I was living with Type 1 diabetes: excessive thirst, weight loss, frequent urination, and irritability. These can be recognised as common signs of Type 1 diabetes. I’m sharing my signs so that other can #seethesigns. Join me and share yours.”

During the interview Jonas revealed that he was 13 when he first discovered he had diabetes. Jonas said: “My family and friends really helped. I’ve always been a very independent person and I think for me, part of this, even though I was only 13, part of this journey was really about me doing it myself and having the ability to just take this on my own and push through it.”