(Composite: Mark Hall / JPIMedia)(Composite: Mark Hall / JPIMedia)
(Composite: Mark Hall / JPIMedia)

8 driving laws and changes affecting UK motorists in 2022 - including Clean Air Zones and car tax rises

Motorists face paying higher Vehicle Excise Duty from April, while stricter laws will kick in to punish drivers who use a mobile phone at the wheel

Several changes to driving laws will come into force across the UK this year which motorists need to be aware of.

A shake-up to the Highway Code has already been rolled out, which saw changes made to improve the safety of cyclists, horse-riders and pedestrians.

Drivers are now legally required to treat these road users with more consideration when overtaking, with cyclists and pedestrians now given priority at certain junctions.

Upcoming changes will see more Clean Air Zones be introduced around the UK, meaning some drivers will face a charge for entering certain towns and cities, while Vehicle Excise Duty is due to go up in the coming months.

Listed are eight upcoming changes all motorists need to know.

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