Best used electric cars in UK: top 10 second-hand EVs for sale in 2022 - including Tesla, Kia, BMW, VW models

From small EVs to electric SUVs there’s now a used electric car with a price and range to suit most drivers

A quick look around you will confirm that electric cars are now part of the motoring mainstream.

Sales of EVs have soared - up 88% so far this year compared with 2021 - as a combination of carrot and stick persuades buyers to move from petrol or diesel to all-electric power.

The temptation of low running costs and cleaner motoring along with the growing number of cities introducing restrictions and financial penalties for older and more polluting vehicles mean the market has exploded.

But with EVs still more expensive than their petrol or diesel counterparts, not everyone can afford a brand new electric car. Thankfully, the boom in the new car market is now trickling down to the second-hand segment and there are now plenty of good used EVs for buyers to consider.

As with any used car, it pays to do your research to make sure the car is right for you - think about range and charging. Also check the car thoroughly for faults and examine its history before handing over any cash.

Many of the cars on our list lack the big batteries and impressive range of the newest models but they are all still a great way to make the switch to all-electric motoring, whatever type of car you need.

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