Motorway: The way to sell your car, nationwide. It’s 100% free to find your highest offer!

Find your highest offer online. Submitted pictureFind your highest offer online. Submitted picture
Find your highest offer online. Submitted picture
When you sell your car on Motorway, dealers around the country compete to give you their best price.

Selling your car on a national, online marketplace offers you several key advantages. For one thing, you can do the whole thing from home – from your initial valuation through to getting your car collected.

Additionally, you could get a better price from a dealer in another city or county, without the hassle of having to drive your car to them.

Compared to traditional methods of car selling, the convenience of not having to traipse around your area, host multiple test drives looking for a buyer, or enter into lengthy negotiations, is a huge time-saver.

Over 5,000 dealers compete to give you their best price, only on Motorway. Submitted picture.Over 5,000 dealers compete to give you their best price, only on Motorway. Submitted picture.
Over 5,000 dealers compete to give you their best price, only on Motorway. Submitted picture.

Motorway is the fast and easy way to sell your car to a national network of verified dealers, and it’s 100% free, every step of the way.

Profiling your vehicle and entering it into Motorway’s daily online sale is easy – simply take photos and confirm details, using just your phone.

As depicted in their brand-new TV ad, Motorway provides a marketplace where over 5,000 verified car dealers around the whole of the UK (including Northern Ireland) bid their best price to secure used cars just like yours.

You don’t have to write out lengthy ad descriptions, or haggle with multiple buyers; at the end of the sale, they’ll send you the winning offer. When you accept, all that’s left to do is arrange a date for free home collection. Dealers will clear any remaining finance with your lender and pay the surplus straight into your bank account.

Read reviews on Trustpilot to find out more. Submitted picture.Read reviews on Trustpilot to find out more. Submitted picture.
Read reviews on Trustpilot to find out more. Submitted picture.

What is your car worth on Motorway?

For an instant, free valuation for your car or van, simply enter your reg and mileage into the Motorway website. ( You’ll see what your car could fetch on the marketplace, assuming it’s in good condition.

Valuations on Motorway are accurate, reliable, and based on real-time data – including the thousands of bids and sales placed by dealers on the platform every day.

Your car may be worth more to a dealer in another city or county, so no matter where you live, you can find a great price for your vehicle. Car values can differ inside and outside of Clean Air Zones, in regions with more or fewer public transport links, with higher or lower turnover rates of car ownership – and many more variables.

You can get a great price on Motorway from a dealer anywhere in the UK, and enjoy free home collection

What are the best cars to sell on Motorway?

As with any marketplace, the better the condition of your used car, the stronger its value will be. Motorway has an ‘Excellent’ Trustpilot rating, with testimonials from sellers of all sorts of cars and vans.

Motorway is rated ‘Excellent’ on Trustpilot, with sellers of all types of vehicles describing their positive experiences.

As a rule of thumb for keeping your car’s valuation strong, you should think about the big three factors within your control: age, mileage, and condition. Selling your car before these factors all reach undesirable status (e.g. age over ten years, mileage over 80,000, condition requiring a lot of maintenance and repair work) is advised.

When profiling your car on Motorway, you’ll submit proof of service history. Seeing paperwork proving high-quality repairs and maintenance for your vehicle gives dealers confidence to offer you their best price.

Similarly, lower-mileage vehicles will always get the strongest prices compared to similar models available that have clocked longer distances.

The most popular cars in the UK will always get a lot of interest, and sell quickly and easily. And, as a nation, we have a type: superminis and small family cars, with a preference for black paint and manual transmission.

The country’s most common and most popular cars always include Ford hatchbacks in top position, like the Focus and the (now discontinued) Fiesta. Mid-size cars by accessible luxury brands, like the VW Golf and Audi A4 and A5 models are also always featured in the top 10.

In 2023, the highest average prices fetched on Motorway were by Land Rovers, Jaguars, BMWs, Audis, and Mercedes, with EV and hybrid engine models selling for top pricing, averaging £5,000 higher than in 2022.

Should you sell your car to swap to an EV?

The government has set out plans to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel cars from 2030. The running costs of electric cars and plug-in hybrids are much lower than petrol and diesel cars when you factor in tax bands, ULEZ and other Clean Air Zone charges, and the normal differential between the fuel cost of electricity and of petrol and diesel.

No matter how policies roll out, it’s clear that non-compliant petrol and diesel vehicles are going to be increasingly subject to extra charges. They are gradually dropping in value, especially in areas with emissions regulations – so now could be the time to get your best price on Motorway.

Enjoy the star treatment on Motorway with a free, fast, and easy sale of your car. Get your free, initial valuation today. Find out more at

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