Is it illegal to buy alcohol on Christmas Day? Can pubs open and what are the laws in the UK

In case Santa Claus needs to make a quick pit stop on Christmas Day...

Christmas would not be Christmas without having a tipple or two on the big day.

The holiday is the perfect time to gather round with family and friends. From champagne to wine, spirits and beer we all have our preferred Yuletide drinks.

But what happens if you suddenly find that the cupboard has run dry on 25 December? Are you able to brave the midwinter cold and top up your supplies?

Or will you have to make do with what you’ve got? A version of this story first ran on our sister website Portsmouth News.

Here’s everything you need to know!

Christmas. Picture: Shutterstock

Is it legal to purchase alcohol on Christmas Day?

Shops and off licences are allowed to sell alcohol on Christmas Day in England – laws may differ if you are in Northern Ireland in particular. Not all stores will open on December 25 and may operate reduced hours.

In Northern Ireland stores can sell alcohol from Noon until 10pm.

Are pubs allowed to open on Christmas Day?

Unlike previous years, there are no Covid restrictions in place across the UK for 2022. This means that pubs are allowed to open on Christmas.

But not everywhere does open – and places that do might have reduced hours. Is a trip to the pub part of your Christmas tradition?