'Colour for me is happiness and joy': Couple transform their home into pink paradise that Barbie would love

The house has a mermaid bathroom and a bar in the living room

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New build homes are often beige but one couple who thought this colour scheme was “boring” have turned their home into a pink paradise - complete with a mermaid bathroom.

Vrons and Chris Beaumount, transformed their house into a pink paradise, that Barbie would be proud to call home, in just 18 months. The couple, who had little DIY experience before beginning their decor overhaul, first decided to paint their kitchen during the Christmas 2021 holiday season when they were looking for something to occupy their time.

The pair, who say they have always loved colour, decided that they would choose a main pink theme for their new kitchen. Vrons, aged 37, was inspired by Pinterest and also painted the cabinets mint green, their fridge pink and bought colourful stick-on tiles to cover the previous brown ones.

They loved the results and were then inspired to begin brightening up the rest of their home, which they moved into in August 2019. Vrons, who works in sales, and Chris, owner of Beaumont design, have done all of the decorating work themselves.

Vrons, from Nottingham, East Midlands, said: “We were bored and looking for something to do. I said let's paint the kitchen cabinets and we were so happy with it, it escalated from there.”

The mermaid bathroom. Photo by SWNS.The mermaid bathroom. Photo by SWNS.
The mermaid bathroom. Photo by SWNS.
The mint green and pastel pink kitchen. Photo by SWNS.The mint green and pastel pink kitchen. Photo by SWNS.
The mint green and pastel pink kitchen. Photo by SWNS.

Vrons and Chris, age 40, have now decorated nearly every room in the house in a colourful shade, predominately in pink, blue and green, but they still have the guest bedroom to do up. Some people may think that by choosing such a bold colour scheme the couple may face difficulties in future if they decide to move on, but Vron says that someone else would be able to redecorate in the same way that she and her husband have. 

She said: “It’s just paint. I’m not going to live in a house I don’t like just because I might sell it. Ridiculous – it’s our mantra.” The pair even have a big neon sign which says “ridiculous” on their stairwell. Vrons said: “Colour for me is happiness and joy. The feeling of letting go. Have your house how you want it. Don’t worry about what other people think. People say I wish I was brave enough or I wish my husband would let me do this. It makes me so sad. Chris and I don’t have the exact same tastes but we always find a compromise.”

The bar in the living room. Photo by SWNS.The bar in the living room. Photo by SWNS.
The bar in the living room. Photo by SWNS.
The brightly coloured bedroom. Photo by SWNS.The brightly coloured bedroom. Photo by SWNS.
The brightly coloured bedroom. Photo by SWNS.

The duo taught themselves the DIY skills they needed to transform their home into a colourful wonderland using YouTube tutorials and then spent 18 months working hard to turn their vision into reality.

Vrons favourite room is her bathroom, which was the last room they decorated. She transformed a brown and beige tiled room into what she calls a “mermaid bathroom”, using vinyl for around £200 for the sheet. She said: “That’s been a massive change. It makes my start to the day.”

The couple’s home project also ended up helping them beyond their own four walls as it inspired Chris, who had lost his job in admin during the Covid-19 pandemic, to start a business upcycling tables into funky designs. Vrons said: “I’d bought a plane round bedside table and he did it up as a surprise when I came back from a trip. I posted it on my home account and people went nuts.”

It’s not just Vrons who loves her husband’s designs, and he now makes 300 to 400 unique and customised tables a year.  The couple also said guests love coming to their home. Vrons said: “We wanted a house really good for entertaining. We have a bar in the living room and an outside bar. People really enjoy coming here.”