Warning to pet owners as dog food product urgently recalled for containing pieces of metal

Encore's Beef selection in Gravy is being withdrawn from shelves

Dog owners are being urged not to feed their pets with a product over fears it could contain metal.

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) is recalling multipacks of Encore’s Beef Selection Gravy and is withdrawing the poduct from shelves.

Encore’s Beef selection in Gravy multipack is being recalled (Photo: Adobe)

Why is the dog food being recalled? 

The dog food is thought to contain small pieces of metal which make the product unsafe, the FSA said.

The agency is advising customers who bought the product not to feed it to their dogs, and to instead return it to a store with or without a receipt for a full refund.

The recall has been issued for the following three batches:

Encore Beef Selection in Gravy (multipack)

Pack size: five tins x 156 g

Batch code: LU1-343

Best-before date: 9 December 2024

Encore’s Beef Selection in Gravy has been recalled

Encore Beef Selection in Gravy (multipack)

Pack size: five tins x 156 g

Batch code: LU1-302

Best-before date: 29 October 2024

Encore Beef Steak with Potatoes in Gravy (individual tin)

Pack size: 156 g

Batch code: LU1343D

Best-before date: December 2024

Retail stores selling products will also put out notices.

The FSA said: “We urge customers who have bought this product not to feed it to their dog and to return the multipack for a full refund with or without a receipt.

“The Encore helpdesk is also available here. We’re sorry for any inconvenience this precautionary recall may cause.

“No other Encore products are affected by this recall.”