Enough is Enough: what is campaign backed by Mick Lynch and Zarah Sultana, what are its demands - how to join

The cost of living crisis continues to squeeze, with just about everybody feeling the pinch in some way.

The cost of living crisis continues to squeeze, with just about everybody feeling the pinch in some way.

Whether it’s the exploitation of low-paid workers, soaring energy bills and food costs, or growing disparity between the working and middle classes, civil unrest is starting to boil.

In recent weeks we’ve seen increases in strike action, demonstrations and even the refusal of thousands to pay their energy costs.

But what else can be done to ease the financial pressure?

One campaign, backed by some of the country’s biggest unions, thinks it has the answers. But what is Enough is Enough, and how can you get involved with it?

Here is everything you need to know.

What is Enough is Enough?

Enough is Enough is a campaign to fight the cost of living crisis.

It was founded by trade unions and community organisations “determined to push back against the misery forced on millions by rising bills, low wages, food poverty, shoddy housing – and a society run only for a wealthy elite.”

It’s being backed by some high-proifle names from the labour movement, including RMT boss Mick Lynch and Coventry South MP Zarah Sultana.

Enough is Enough has five “clear” demands, and is building a campaign in order to try to win them:

1. A real pay rise

2. Slash energy bills

3. End food poverty

4. Decent homes for all

5. Tax the rich

Protesters attend a demonstration in Parliament Square about the rising cost of living and energy bills (Photo: Chris J Ratcliffe/Getty Images)

It is calling for a significant increase in the national minimum wage and a path to £15 per hour, a real pay increase in the public sector, and an inflation-busting increase in pensions and benefits.

The campaign also wants to cancel the October price increase and revert to the much lower pre-April energy price cap, as well as enshrining the Right to Food in law and instituting universal free school meals, community kitchens, and restoring the £20-per-week Universal Credit supplement.

“We can’t rely on the establishment to solve our problems,” the group says. “It’s up to us in every workplace and every community.”

More information on the group’s demands can be found on its website.

How can I join Enough is Enough?

The campaign believes it can reach its goals by holding rallies across the country, forming community groups, organising picket lines, and taking action against “the companies and individuals profiting” from the cost-of-living crisis.

“If you’re struggling to get by and your wages don’t cover the bills, if you’re fed up working harder for less and you’re worried about the future, or if you just can’t stand to see what’s happening to our country – join us.”

If you want to take part in the campaign, you can find more information, including on how to sign up, on its website.

“Sign up to the campaign for details of events in your area, follow our social media accounts,” the campaign says, “and share our content to help turn anger into action.”