Martin Lewis issues warning to 300,000 UK households missing out on £150 cost of living payment

The Money Saving Expert says thousands of households are missing out on the payment

Martin Lewis has warned that 300,000 households across the UK are still yet to claim the £150 council tax rebate from the government.

The one-off cost of living payment was first made available in April to homes in council tax bands A to D in England. The cash is part of the government’s £37 billion package of support to help people with soaring costs.

Households that pay their council tax by direct debit should have received the £150 automatically. Recent figures show some £2.5 billion has already been sent to A to D council tax properties under the scheme. Those who don’t pay by direct debit have to apply for the money by 30 November - a deadline that was recently extended.

Eligible households can apply for the debate directly through their local council, usually by filling out a form on its website. You can find your local council via the government website.

MoneySavingExpert founder Lewis stressed it was “really important” that households don’t forget to claim and submit a form before the deadline.

Martin Lewis is urging eligible households to claim the payment (Photo: ITV)

Speaking during his Martin Lewis Money Show Live on ITV this week, he said: “You’ll remember back in April you the £150 help for cost of living on your council tax bill. There are still 300,000 people who haven’t claimed that and you’ve only got until November 30.

“If you’re in a council tax A to D property and you didn’t pay by direct debit when it was automatic, and you didn’t get it, then you need to claim now. Spread the word now.”

Who can claim the £150 rebate?

Anyone in England who lives in a property in council tax bands A, B, C, or D is eligible to claim the £150 tax rebate if you paid council tax on your main home on 1 April 2022.

Some households who do not have to pay council tax can still get the £150, including:

  • students
  • under 18s
  • people with a severe mental impairment
  • anyone with an annexe where a dependent relative is living

If you receive council tax reduction (sometimes called local council tax support) or a council tax discount, you can also get the rebate.

Councils have been given another £144 million to provide discretionary support to households struggling due to rocketing energy bills, including transient groups such as students and people on low incomes in council tax bands E to H.

Councils started issuing payments in April 2022 and will be paying the rebate until 30 November 2022. There will not be any further extension after 30 November so households need to claim the payment by this date.

Around 19 million eligible households have already received their payment. Some councils will credit your council tax account or give you vouchers.

Help with council tax payments is also available in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Households in the devolved nations are advised to contact their local council for more information to check if they are eligible for the payment.

Each council gets to decide who it can help and provide grants too, meaning the criteria may vary depending on where you live.