Role models: why we need them and how to be one - The Reset Room podcast

Seeing others behaving in a way that helps us open up and be ourselves can be of huge benefit - that’s the topic of this episode of The Reset Room

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In the last episode in the current series of The Reset Room podcast I’m joined once again by our resident expert Amana Walker. On this podcast we talk all about role models, where we can find them and how we can be them ourselves.

In recent months there has been a lot of discussion of the impact of role models, from the English Women’s football team’s victory in the Euros to the passing of the Queen. Conversations have often turned to how these positive role models have impacted many lives.

“Growing up, we’re shaped by our environment,” Amana says. “That means where we live and the people we are surrounded by, and so those years are really important to us as they shape who we become as we get older.

“Even as we get older, we can still look out for role models out there, it helps us to grow and develop and aspire to be something better than we already are.”

Amana gives advice to a listener who has been in touch looking for assistance as her daughter’s behaviour has changed in recent weeks. When faced with difficult family situations Amana says it’s sometimes best to give our loved ones the space they need whilst maintaining an open line of communication and ensuring we are still acting like a positive role model for them.

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