Time sensitive on Snapchat: what do notifications mean, why are they time sensitive - how to turn them off

Time sensitive messages have been appearing on Snapchat for iOS users

Yet another feature introduced on Snapchat has not gone down well with its user base. People have been reporting a mysterious message appear on their iOS devices like iPhones and iPads which seems to be prioritising certain notifications over others.

The new addition - which is called 'time sensitive notifications' or 'Time Sensitive' - seems to have been rolled out starting from Tuesday (9 May). Users have been left annoyed by the new feature and are looking for ways to turn it off.

It comes just shortly after Snapchat infuriated its userbase after releasing its ChatGPT alternative My AI feature across all Apple and Android devices. There were complaints that the auto-generated user was pinned to the top of everyone's Chat Feed - and because of its creepy responses.

Here is everything you need to know about the time sensitive notifications feature on Snapchat, including the meaning behind them and how you can get rid of them.

What are time sensitive notifications on Snapchat?

Time sensitive notifications have been rolled out on Snapchat - Credit: AdobeTime sensitive notifications have been rolled out on Snapchat - Credit: Adobe
Time sensitive notifications have been rolled out on Snapchat - Credit: Adobe

Time Sensitive was first introduced on iOS devices like iPhones, iPads and iMacs years ago. The aim of the feature is to give some notifications a higher priority than others and acts as a way to ensure you do not miss anything deemed important.

What makes them different from normal notifications is that they will often break through any blocks or restrictions your device has in place. Time sensitive notifications will also display on your lock screen for an hour and is compatible with more apps than just Snapchat.

Users are unable to choose what qualifies as a time sensitive notification as instead the apps will decide. With Snapchat, people have been getting them whenever they receive a message from a user that is on their best friends list.

How to turn off time sensitive notifications on Snapchat - step by step guide

As most Snapchat users have been finding time sensitive notifications annoying, they are on the hunt for ways to turn the feature off. Follow the steps below:

  1. Open the settings app of your iOs device (iPhone, iPad etc)
  2. Scroll down to Snapchat
  3. Click or tap on the Notifications tab
  4. Find the Time Sensitive toggle
  5. Turn it off

Reaction to time sensitive notifications on Snapchat

A Twitter user posted: "Why are my Snapchats popping up with ‘time sensitive’ notifs?”

Another wrote: “Wtf is this time sensitive setting on Snapchat?“, while someone said: "Since when have Snapchat notifications been time sensitive I don’t wanna see em.”

The confusion continued as another tweeted: “My phone just told me a Snapchat notification was time sensitive wtf", while one more quizzed: "What do you mean, how can a Snapchat notification be time sensitive?!"