Why it’s important to value your time and how to spend it wisely - The Reset Room Podcast

The Reset Room podcast looks at how best we can use our time to improve our lifestyle and performance.

<p>How to spend your time wisely is the subject of this week’s Reset Room podcast</p>

How to spend your time wisely is the subject of this week’s Reset Room podcast

On this episode of The Reset Room I am joined by Kay Woodburn to discuss how we can best use our time.

The value of time is very subjective to the individual, but all of us wish we had more of it or could use our time more wisely.

How do you make your unique value of time work for you? There isn’t a perfect way of spending time, just a perfect use of your time.

Kay encourages listeners to allocate your time like credits and to spend them wisely.

In exploring how we use our time, Kay talks about how we can eliminate friction so we can drop into flow - an optimal state of consciousness where we can perform at our best.

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We hear some great examples of how this works and the huge impact it can have on increasing our productivity - potentially up to an astounding 430%.

There’s advice on how to balance commitments to family and work as well as ensuring others respect your time.

We hear that those who put themselves last will often find this detrimental to their whole family if they can’t find the time for themselves that they need to maintain their health and wellbeing.

Finally, Kay gives advice to two listeners who are struggling to get everything done.

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