The Crooked House pub in Himley, Staffordshire is up for saleThe Crooked House pub in Himley, Staffordshire is up for sale
The Crooked House pub in Himley, Staffordshire is up for sale

Inside Britain’s ‘wonkiest’ pub which causes optical illusions - and is in need of a new owner

The Crooked House has been put up for sale by Marston’s Brewery

The Crooked House is one of the rare pubs that might make you feel more intoxicated when you step through its doors than when you leave.

If you stare at the pictures in this article for more than a couple of seconds you might start to feel that sensation yourself. The boozer, which has been dubbed by many as “Britain’s wonkiest pub”, is a striking landmark in the village of Himley, Staffordshire.

Dating back to the 18th century, it was transformed into a pub in the 1830s and its unique look is due to a subsidence caused by mining in the 19th century. It has attracted visitors from around the globe including people from as far as America, Australia, Japan, China and New Zealand.

However Marston’s Brewery has put the pub up for sale and locals are worried that the lopsided boozer could be closed for good. Derrick McConell, 64, of Dudley, who has drank in the pub for more than 20 years, said the venue had struggled to get back on its feet following the pandemic.

He added: “It’s a brilliant pub but it’s had its issues like most despite it being such a unique place. I know they struggled following Covid and then had to fork out money on renovations.

“Because these old buildings require a lot of upkeep, I know a lot of the regulars are worried it won’t get taken on. We genuinely fear for its future now. It would be a shame to lose it because there’s no place like it elsewhere.”

Wolverhampton-based Marston’s is selling the pub alongside dozens of other ‘non-core properties’. They will be available to purchase individually, in small groups or as a group package.

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