Met Police officer harassed ex by advertising ‘whoreish bed’ they shared on Facebook, court hears

PC Joynal Ahmed denies harassing his ex-partner who he shares two children with

A Metropolitan Police officer is accused of harassing his ex-partner by bombarding her with “offensive” messages, a court has heard.

PC Joynal Ahmed sent “persistent” messages to his former partner, including some alluding that most people the Prophet Mohammed saw in hell were women. He also advertised the bed they used to share on Facebook, along with the caption: “Anyone want this whoreish bed”, Stratford Magistrates’ Court was told.

The 36-year-old denies harassing the woman he shares two children with by sending the messages and will stand trial later this year.

PC Ahmed, who is based in the Met’s Crime Recording Investigation Command, was charged with the offence on 30 December last year following an allegation made in July 2022 about his conduct while off-duty. He was placed on restricted duties after the initial allegation was made and has since been suspended from duty.

PC Joynal Ahmed denies harassing his ex-partner (Photo: SWNS)PC Joynal Ahmed denies harassing his ex-partner (Photo: SWNS)
PC Joynal Ahmed denies harassing his ex-partner (Photo: SWNS)

The policeman allegedly sent his ex-partner a series of WhatsApp messages that were “of an insulting and offensive nature” to her over a period of 20 days last July.

The court on Monday (20 March) heard that the serving officer’s ex-partner agreed to contact PC Ahmed over their children, but would not speak to him about her private life. But he sent the woman several messages about a new partner he had found out about who had “longer than you and your daughter”.

Prosecutor Linda Hudson said: “It’s a very serious matter. The defendant is a serving police officer alleged to have sent many messages of a harassing and offensive nature. [PC Ahmed’s ex-partner] has consented to contact regarding the children, but does not want him to ask questions about her private life.

“Messages include the fact that he’s aware she’s seeing someone else who has, ‘hair longer than you and your daughter’. [He added] ‘I’m sure he’s good with words’. In addition to messages the defendant posted a photo of the bed they used to share on Facebook, with a caption: ‘Anyone want this whoreish bed? Need to get rid...’.

“The harassment has been of a persistent nature. Some comments potentially relate to her as a woman. The defendant has written to [his ex-partner] saying: “Never ever marry someone who has a cheap past. Most importantly, do not have kids with someone like that. Like the Prophet Mohammed said, most people he saw in hell were women”.”

Defending PC Ahmed, Robert Morris, said certain messages sent between the estranged couple painted “an entirely different picture” to the one alleged.

District Judge William Nelson adjourned the case, due to the alleged victim being unable to attend court as she was caring for one of their children, who is ill.

Judge Nelson told the court: “I am going to adjourn this matter. This is clearly a case in the public interest because of the nature of the employment of the defendant. It is a matter to be tried in these circumstances.”

Judge Nelson adjourned the trial until June this year - after the holy month of Ramadan - because both PC Ahmed and his ex-partner are practising Muslims. PC Ahmed denies one charge of harassment.