M25 protests: Just Stop Oil members glue themselves to Cobham and Clacket Lane services - is traffic affected?

Protests by Just Stop Oil on the M25 have blocked the services in Cobham and Clacket Lane. Police asked drivers to avoid the petrol stations.

Three Just Stop Oil campaigners have been arrested in Surrey after allegedly damaging fuel pumps and gluing themselves to forecourts at the Clacket Lane and Cobham service stations on the M25.

Surrey Police said they were “working as quickly as we can to remove the protesters from the service stations”.

There is currently no petrol available at either M25 services due to the damage, including on both sides of Clacket Lane, with Just Stop Oil blocking cars from driving in.

The three arrests were made on suspicion of criminal damage.

Just Stop Oil protestors blocking petrol stations in Surrey. Credit: Just Stop Oil

What has the police advised drivers about the M25 protests?

“We appreciate the disruption this is causing and we are working as quickly as we can to remove the protesters from the service stations,” police said.

The force advised “avoid the area if possible to allow officers to deal with the incident”.

Map of the Cobham services and Clacket Lane services which have been targeted by Just Stop Oil. Credit: Google

What has Just Stop Oil said?

Just Stop Oil uploaded photos of the protestors to its Twitter account, saying: “Four service stations on the M25 have been blocked. Oil will continue to be disrupted until there is a meaningful statement from 10 Downing Street.

“These actions are part of the A22 Network. Across the world people are using civil disobedience to make change. Will you join us?”

The campaigners added: “Record breaking temperatures, wildfires, failing harvests, disappearing rivers, dying trees and a destitution level cost of living crisis - the plan is to make it worse for another 30 years.

“Clacket Lane West, Cobham and Thurrock service have been disrupted.”

Has M25 traffic been affected by the protests?

It is not thought that the campaigns protests have had any affect on the wider M25 traffic.

Surrey Police have not warned motorists to be concerned about increased traffic, but just asked drivers to avoid Clacket Lane and Cobham services as they remain closed.