Anti-vaccination protesters ‘unlawfully gain access’ to ITN news HQ

The protesters forced their way into the reception area of the building in Camden

Police have been called in to disperse a group of protesters from the headquarters of a news company in London, following an anti-lockdown, anti-vaccination protest.

Protesters “unlawfully gained access” to ITN London’s HQ building, where a number of staff have been abused.

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At a glance: 5 key points

  • A group of protesters have forced their way into the entrance of ITN London’s headquarters in Camden
  • Police are now at the scene, trying to remove those inside and preventing others from entering the building
  • Videos on social media show the foyer of the building full with protesters, and abuse being hurled at news presenter Jon Snow as he entered the building
  • Those inside were originally part of a demonstration against Covid lockdown and vaccinations in central London
  • In recent months anti-vax protesters have been filmed abusing journalists in the street, and forced their way into a former BBC building in London

What’s been said?

The Metropolitan Police said: “Officers are responding to a demonstration at a private premises on Gray’s Inn Road, Camden, where people have unlawfully gained access to the building.

“Officers are on scene engaging with building security and removing those who have gained entry.”

An ITN spokeswoman said: “The police are attending a breach of security at Gray’s Inn Road, ITN’s headquarters.

“ITN staff including those working in ITV News, Channel 4 News and 5 News have been advised to either stay in the building or stay away while the situation is being dealt with.

“News organisations have provided a vital source of information during the pandemic.

“The abuse of journalists because of their reporting on coronavirus is a worrying development which ITN has been closely monitoring and actively ensuring staff are aware of precautions to avoid coming to any harm.

“This action resulted in journalists being prevented from being able to go about their newsgathering activities, something that ITN strongly condemns.”