Kanye West trainers: what did Greggs say about new Yeezy shoes on Twitter - do they look like sausage rolls?

New Yeezy trainers 450 Sulfur have been mocked for their resemblence to an iconic Greggs product

Kanye West has had a quiet 2022 by his standards.

The rapper-turned-trainers designer has remained relatively silent in public since making a racial slur against comedian Trevor Noah.

But high street bakery chain Greggs may yet get the owner of the Yeezy trainers brand to come out of his shell after making a joke about some of Mr West’s latest shoes.

So what has Greggs said - and which trainers has it joked about?

Here’s everything you need to know.

Kanye West’s designs have earned Adidas billions of Dollars (image: Getty Images)

What are Kanye West’s Yeezy trainers?

Kanye (now known as ‘Ye’) West’s Yeezy trainers - which are produced in collaboration with Adidas - are known for their slightly whacky designs.

But, perhaps thanks to his legions of music fans, the shoe brand has been highly successful.

According to Bloomberg, the sneakers netted sales of $1.7 billion (£1.43 billion) in 2020.

Kanye West’s Yeezy brand is hugely successful, despite some of its kooky designs (image: Getty Images)

This success saw Mr West take home $191 million (£160 million) in royalties, as the rapper still owns his Yeezy brand.

He also retains full control over the creative and design aspects of the shoes Adidas has manufactured and launched since 2013.

But that hasn’t stopped people from raising their eyebrows at some of the designs, including the newly-released Yeezy 450 Sulfur line.

What did Greggs say about Yeezy?

Reacting to a Twitter post from the official Yeezy account that asked how people felt about the 450 Sulfur shoes, Greggs compared them to one of its more popular products - the sausage roll.

It said the latest Yeezys looked to be “two Sausage Rolls short of a multipack”.

The bakery chain’s followers soon leapt into action.

One user said: “Just need to pop it in the oven to warm up loool.”

Another reacted to the shoes by saying: “Vegan sausage rolls look more appealing and I’m a meat eater.”

A third user quipped: “Kanye get these in vegan?”

Yeezy trainers have a highly distinctive look (image: Adobe)

Meanwhile, a fourth person Tweeted: “Whatever you do, don’t chew the shoes.”

Other foods the trainers have been compared to include Chinese dumplings and Italian pasta dish gnocchi.

How much are Yeezy 450 Sulfur trainers?

While Twitter had a field day at Yeezy’s expense, it’s likely Yeezy will have the last laugh.

Released on 7 May 2022, the trainers are officially priced at $200 (£168).

The bizarre shoe has an appearance akin to claws or shark teeth on the sole, while the inside of the show has a sock-like appearance.

Given Yeezy trainers are always released in limited numbers, you can now only get hold of a second-hand pair.

While most UK pairs are selling for between £140 to £200, some are charging up to £289 for the trainer on eBay.

What has happened to Kanye West?

Kanye West has been unusually quiet in recent months.

Having released latest album Donda 2 exclusively on his own platform Stem Player in February, he was dropped from the Grammy’s and briefly suspended from Instagram for making racist comments about The Daily Show host Trevor Noah.

Mr Noah had made comments about Kanye West, his ex-wife Kim Kardashian and her current boyfriend Pete Davidson.

Ye’s last public appearance was on 26 June when he appeared on stage at the BET Awards wearing a mask that hid his face.

The rapper has not Tweeted since launching an apparent 2024 US Presidential election bid after the 2020 election that saw Joe Biden voted into the White House.