Immy Nunn death: who was deaf TikTok star Deaf Immy - when did she die?

Members of the deaf community have shared their condolences following the news of her passing

Immy Nunn has passed away age 25 (Photo: Instagram/@deafimmy)Immy Nunn has passed away age 25 (Photo: Instagram/@deafimmy)
Immy Nunn has passed away age 25 (Photo: Instagram/@deafimmy)

Imogen Nunn, better known by her online name of Deaf Immy, has passed away at age 25. Following the news of her death, the deaf community has paid its respects for the content creator.

This is what we know so far.

Who was Immy Nunn?

Nunn was a 25 year old deaf content creator from Brighton who had amassed over 720,000 followers on TikTok and 15,000 on Instagram, making videos about topics like being deaf, the LGBTQ+ community and mental health.

According to her Instagram account, she was also an ambassador for the clothing brand Lucy and Yak.

When did she die?

Nunn passed away on 4 January 2023, according to an Instagram from her partner Becky Helen.

In the caption, Helen wrote: “Everyday I kept checking my phone and waiting for you to text me. We’ve been texted everyday for the last 3 years. And now I got no one text to? Who can I share my story to?

“I don’t feel like this is real. I know there will be massive permanent hole left in my heart.

I am so deeply saddened, you are in pain. And I can’t take it away from you. I am so so so proud of you’ve been fighting and I only hope you are now in peace.

“I am so glad I have met you in my life. You made me fall in love again and you made me so happy. This is gonna be hard everyday. You are the most beautiful, strong, caring, loving person I had ever met.

“I ducking love you always and forever. To Saturn and back [heart emoji].

“P.s I know this is long video but worth to watch it at the end. We’ll meet again. This is not goodbye. See you soon babe [heart emoji].”

The Instagram video that Helen posted included a montage of clips and photos of Nunn.

In the emotional TikTok video, Helen also added: “I’ve lost my words. Immy at peace. I know there will be a massive permanent hole left in my heart. Immy want you all to talk about mental health, and you not alone. When I see a rainbow or a moon, I think of her. I’ll never, never, never ever forget about her. I love you Immy.”

The video ended with a clip of Nunn signing along to the song We’ll Meet Again by Vera Lynn.

Specific details regarding Nunn’s passing have not been made public.

Tributes for Immy Nunn

In the comments of Nunn’s last Instagram post, which was a Lucy and Yak related video posted on 28 December 2022, fans and followers have shared their condolences after the news of her death.

One person wrote: “RIP sweet heart, fly high [heart emoji].”

Another commented: “Fly high Immy. We will all miss you. Hope you rest peacefully.”

“R.I.P lovely, such sad times. All my love to your family, friends and Becky and her loved ones. Gone but certainly won’t be forgotten xx,” wrote another.

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