Jesy Nelson says she’s ‘never felt more proud’ in emotional video after deleting all of her Instagram posts ahead of solo album debut

The singer has nine million followers on Instagram but has deleted every post on her social media profile.

Jesy Nelson has removed all photos and videos from her Instagram account, which has led to rumours around her next move.

The former member of Little Mix is due to drop her new album but the release date is not yet known.

Fans think her bizarre Instagram cleanse may have something to do with her new music and that it might signify her solo album is close to being released.

Jesy Nelson has deleted all of her Instagram posts.

This is not the first time Jesy has wiped her feed, as she did the same thing in 2021 before releasing her first solo single ‘Boyz’.

In August last year, the singer changed her profile photo to a red circle and unfollowed everyone before her music was shared with the world in October.

This time Jesy has stayed following 54 people including Nicki Minaj, who appeared on her first solo track.

Winner of the Best Factual Entertainment Award, Jesy Nelson poses in the winners room at the 2020 National Television Awards

Despite deleting all of the posts on her feed, Jesy has continuted to update her Instagram stories.

In a video on her story, Jesy said: “Just sat here listening to my album in the car and I’ve literally just cried my eyes out like a baby.

“I’ve honestly never felt more proud, I cannot wait to share it with you guys.”

As well as the video, Jesy shared a snap of a huge bouquet or roses which has sparked rumours that she may be dating someone new.

Jesy Nelson attends day 1 of the Capital Jingle Bell Ball at The O2 Arena on December 11, 2021

Jesy’s relationship with Harry James came to an end during a turbulent time of backlash over her single ‘Boyz’.

Harry is a music director and he had a heavy hand in the music and the video which went viral last year.

Jesy was criticised for cultural appropriation and blackfishing and this led to her cutting ties with Harry.

There has not been anyone new on the scene for Jesy since, but the romantic roses suggest that there may be a blossoming romance in her life.