Mae Stephens: what is song If We Ever Broke Up about - who is the TikTok star, lyrics and where to listen

Following the songs success, the 19-year-old supermarket worker from Kettering has just signed to EMI Records

Mae Stephens song If We Ever Broke Up has reached more than 11 million views on TikTok.

The 19-year-old supermarket worker from Kettering has gone viral on the social media platform after sharing a clip of her song late last year. Since its success she has been working hard to complete the single which was released on 10 February.

Stephens, who was a regular on BBC Music Introducing in Northamptonshire, has since been signed to EMI Records. So, who is Mae Stephens, what has she said about her success and what are the lyrics to her song? Here’s everything you need to know.

Who is Mae Stephens?

The 19-year-old singer-songwriter is from Kettering, in North Northamptonshire. Stephens has been writing songs since the age of 12 and is a regular on BBC Music Introducing in Northamptonshire. The supermarket worker has over 250,000 followers on TikTok and 5.5 million likes, before going viral she regularly shared videos singing songs she had written.

What is her song If We Ever Broke Up about?

Stephens’ song which was released on 10 February is the ultimate break-up anthem. It tells the story of Stephens’ telling her ex-boyfriend’s father how his son treated her throughout their relationship, with lyrics including “If we ever broke up, I’d never be sad, thinking about everything that we had.”

Reported by U Discover Music, the songwriter explained: “It was written from the perspective of if I was still with my ex-boyfriend and, if I had the attitude and the experience that I do now when I was 16, I would have done all these things and told his dad what he did. I think deep down everyone wants to tell their crappy ex’s dad what they did. I’ve read a lot of comments from people saying that this song helped them through their break-up because it gave them that boss energy!”

What are the lyrics?

Stephens’ song is directed at her ex-boyfriend’s father, telling him how he treated her before they broke up. It’s become a break-up anthem, going viral on TikTok and being used in nearly 180,000 videos. According to Genius, here are the lyrics to Mae Stephen’s If We Ever Broke Up:

Verse 1

If you keep wondering if somebody understandsDarling, I don’t understand youIf you stay awake at night waiting for somebody rightBaby, oh, your karma is due


Like, I would never hate youBut only if you want toSo much time, like who knew? (Like who knew?)Music we got intoSongs we fell in love toBoy, this feels so wrong too(Ah, ah, ah)


If we ever broke up, I’d never be sadThinking about everything that we hadIf we ever broke upIf we ever broke up, I’d call your dadAnd tell him all the sh*tiest of things you’ve saidIf we ever broke up

Post Chorus

Boy, don’t get emotional‘Cause it’s not personalIt’s just the way, just the way it goesIf we ever broke up, I’d never be sadThinking about everything that we hadIf we ever broke up(Ha-ah, ha-ah)

Verse 2

You’re living in WonderlandIf you think I’ll understandAll the sh*t you put me throughIf girls in white dresses and big winter weddingIs something you want to be true (Yeah)Then pack up your drama, this selfish dilemmaIs something this sh*t can’t undo

What has Mae Stephens said?

In an interview with Time Magazine, Stephens reflected on her viral success. She told the publication: “When I put the first post out, I really didn’t expect it to go viral. When it started to pick up likes, and views, and comments, it was a race against time to get the song out but it’s all been worth it. After it went viral, I had a lot of labels pick me up and it was just this process of signing with a label, getting it mixed, mastered, and all that. It was quite a long process.”

Where can I listen to If We Ever Broke Up?

The song is out now and available to listen to on a variety of platforms including Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube.