Sacha Baron Cohen: net worth, who is his wife Isla Fisher and defamation case with Roy Moore explained

The Ali-G star duped Roy Moore into appearing on his show, What is America? by telling him he was receiving an award for supporting Israel

Sacha Baron Cohen has defeated former Republican Senate Candidate Roy Moore in a defamation case.

The controversial actor and comedian who is best known for his roles as Ali-G and Borat was declared the winner after judges decided the statements were “clearly comedy.”

The lawsuit centred on Moore’s appearance on Cohen’s show Who is America?

In the scene, Cohen uses a paedophile detector on Moore which beeps.

The comedian is well known for luring politicians and celebrities into his pranks.

Here’s everything you need to know about who Sacha Baron Cohen is and what happened in the defamation case.

Who is Sacha Baron Cohen?

Cohen is an English comedian, actor and writer who is best known for playing comedy characters Ali G, Bruno and Borat.

An advert for Borat 2 featuring Sacha Baron Cohen (Pic: AFP via Getty Images)

The 50-year-old grew up in London and studied history at Christ’s College, University of Cambridge.

During his time at university he was involved in the prestigious Cambridge Footlights comedy group, which boasts alumni including Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie.

Not just known for comedic roles, the actor has also featured in films including Talladega Nights, Sweeney Todd, Hugo and Les Misérables.

Cohen has been nominated for an Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay and several Emmys.

What is his net worth?

According to Celebrity Networth, Cohen has a fortune of $160 million.

Who is his wife Isla Fisher?

Cohen has been married to actress Isla Fisher since 2010, but the pair have been together for 20 years.

Sacha Baton Cohen has been married to Isla Fisher since 2010 (Pic: Getty Images)

The Australian actress is best known for her roles in Wedding Crashers, Rise of the Guardians and Arrested Development.

The pair have three children together: Olive, 14, and Elula, 11, and son, Montgomery, seven.

Speaking to E! News about their 20-year romance, Fisher said: “I don’t want to stand on a soapbox and advise anybody.

“If you marry someone that you have a really good friendship with and everything else seems to fall into place.”

She added: “You still get butterflies in your stomach and people sort of tell you that wears off after a few years.

"But when you’re with the right person, actually it just doesn’t.”

What happened in his defamation case with Roy Moore?

Former Republican senate candidate Moore appeared on Cohen’s show, What is America?

During the interview, Cohen used a paedophile detector on Moore which proceeded to beep.

Moore, who is a hardline Republican that opposes same-sex marriage, had been duped into appearing on the show after being told he was receiving an award for supporting Israel.

At the time of his campaign, he had been accused of pursuing romantic relationships with teenagers when he was in his thirties.

The politician and his wife sued Cohen for defamation arguing that the scene had caused them emotional distress.

The comedian is known for tricking politicians and celebrities to appear on his shows

Moore and his wife have vowed to appeal, telling the Associated Press: “For far too long the American people have been subjected to the antics of Sasha Baron Cohen. His pusillanimous and fraudulent conduct must be stopped. We will appeal.”