TV presenter Sarah Cawood diagnosed with breast cancer at age 50 after first routine mammogram

The TV personality is best known for presenting BBC’s Live and Kicking and Top of The Pops

Sarah Cawood, 50, has shared that she has stage one breast cancer.

The Top of the Pops presenter, who lives in Leigh-on-Sea, was diagnosed after a routine mammogram revealed a lump in her breast which was then sent for a biopsy and found to be cancer.

She will undergo a lumpectomy, hormone treatment and radiotherapy for her cancer which is stage one.

Sarah has shared that she has stage one breast cancer.

Sarah told The Sun: “It was my first ever routine mammogram and I got a letter back saying they couldn’t give me my screening result back yet.

“So I had another mammogram and an ultrasound and then they said, ‘We’re going to biopsy you’. That’s where they take a bit of tissue from your b**b.”Thankfully the result of the test showed that the cancer is treatable and Sarah even joked that it is “the Carlsberg of breast cancers.”

She added: “Nobody cried, it wasn’t very dramatic. It’s just a lumpectomy, radio-theraphy, then a drug called Tamoxifen, which is a hormone blocker, for five to ten years.”

Sarah is famous for hosting Top of the Pops.

One negative side effect of the treatment has been that Sarah has had to come off HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy), which she was taking to combat symptoms of menopause.

This has led to her suffering from hot flashes and brain fog.

Sarah took to Instagram to share the news that she has had a lumpectomy, writing: “Cancer, you have been evicted from Sarah’s right b**b. Please gather any other cancer cells and leave.

“PS no Big Brother style audience cheers for this little f***er please.”

Nicola Stephenson, actress from Brookside, commented: “It’s so brilliant that you are sharing this Sarah, and being so practical and positive.

“You are amazing. Big big love to you.”

Sarah has recently had a lumpectomy.

Comedian Keith Lemon wrote: “Sending you hugs.”

And Denise Vanouten said: “You’re brilliant and I adore you.”

Sarah found fame during the 1990s while presenting Live and Kicking on BBC and Top of The Pops.