Did the Queen want Brexit? What were Elizabeth II’s views on EU - ex royal press director’s comments explained

Sally Osman, who previously held the role of royal communications director, made the comments yesterday (19 September) in an interview with CNN.

The Queen did not “back Brexit”, according to the late monarch’s former director of royal communications.

Sally Osman, who worked for Queen Elizabeth II between 2013 and 2019, made the claims yesterday (19 September) in a broadcast interview with CNN.

Speaking about her time in the role, the former Buckingham Palace employee said she was “lucky” as she did not have to deal with many royal “crises”.

Sally Osman suggested the Queen did not support Brexit during an interview with CNN. Credit: Getty Images

She did however add that one of the main issues she had to handle was when people tried to “bring the Queen into politics”, citing The Sun’s notorious “Queen backs Brexit” headline as a key example.

When pressed on whether or not this was true, Ms Osman quickly replied “I don’t think so” with a laugh.

Of course, the Queen never publicly commented on her support for or opposition to the UK’s departure from the European Union, despite widespread speculation from the press and public.

According to royal protocol, monarchs must remain neutral on political matters - and Elizabeth II always strictly adhered to this rule, known by many for never revealing her personal or political views.

In 2017, she wore a deep blue dress for the opening of Parliament, which sparked speculation about her support for the EU. However, as mentioned, she never openly revealed her opinion on the 2016 Referendum.

On 8 March 2016, three months before the referendum, the Sun splashed on an “exclusive bombshell” titled: “Queen backs Brexit.”

Written by political editor, Tom Newton Dunn, it quoted “a senior political source” and “a highly reliable source”, who stated that people “were left in no doubt at all about the Queen’s views on European integration”.

The Sun’s “Queen backs Brexit” front page.

The Sun said the Queen criticised the EU at two events, with then-deputy prime minister Nick Clegg at a lunch for privy counsellors in 2011 and at an MP reception at Buckingham Palace.

The Palace complained to the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO) about the article, and the press watchdog upheld that the headline was “misleading”.

Queen Elizabeth II died aged 96 on 8 September, after her doctors revealed they were “concerned” for her health.

She sat on the British throne for an incredible 70 years and was the longest-reigning monarch in the history of the United Kingdom.

The Queen’s funeral took place on 19 September. Credit: Getty Images

Yesterday (19 September), her state funeral took place - which saw tens of thousands of people across the UK flock to London and other viewing points to pay their respects to the late queen.

She has now been laid to rest in Windsor Castle, with her husband Prince Philip, who died 9 April 2021.