Kate Greville: who is the ex of Ryan Giggs, how long were they together and what happened with the court case?

Ryan Giggs had been on trial accused of assaulting his ex Kate Greville and using controlling and coercive behaviour against her - but the jury was discharged after failing to reach verdicts

The relationship between Kate Greville and Ryan Giggs ended up the subject of a court case.

Ms Greville and the former Manchester United footballer were both married when they first got together.

Giggs and his ex wife Stacey ultimately divorced in 2017 after a decade-long marriage which had survived an affair he had with his own sister-in-law Natasha.

But who is Kate Greville, how long were the pair together and what happened with the trial?

Who is Kate Greville?

The 38-year-old PR executive met Giggs in around 2013-14 when she worked for the PR firm employed to look after his businesses with fellow Manchester United legend Gary Neville.

During his trial, Giggs told the court: “The first time I met Kate I was immediately attracted to her, I thought she was attractive, I thought she was intelligent, I thought she was funny.”

Ms Greville was previously married to Damian Burke, who she wed in Ibiza in 2011 .

The Sun on Sunday reported that friends of Mr Burke said Ms Greville broke up with him by text in 2015.

During his trial Giggs told the court Ms Greville eventually left her husband and said “it was no longer than six months” after their first sexual contact.

Ryan Giggs was on trial accused of assaulting Ms Greville and using controlling and coercive behaviour towards her.
Ryan Giggs was on trial accused of assaulting Ms Greville and using controlling and coercive behaviour towards her.
Ryan Giggs was on trial accused of assaulting Ms Greville and using controlling and coercive behaviour towards her.

Giggs said he continued to stay at his family home with then wife Stacey and their two children as the affair carried on.

In May 2016, Giggs and Ms Greville were linked in a newspaper article. Giggs and his wife Stacey ultimately went on to divorce with proceedings finalised in 2017.

She took up a job opportunity with Q Communications as its Abu Dhabi managing director to help set up the firm’s office in the Emirate.

Though she returned to the UK in 2018 and became head of PR and Communications at GG Hospitality - the firm Giggs owns with Gary Neville.

By July 2020 she had returned to Q Communications becoming managing partner in the UK & Ireland, overseeing the firm’s London and Manchester offices.

How long were Kate Greville and Ryan Giggs together?

The pair, who went public with their relationship in August 2018 when they were pictured together on holiday in Italy, were described in court as having a “rollercoaster-type relationship” and that it was “very on-and-off”.

Ms Greville told the court she went to Abu Dhabi to “get away”, saying that the ex-footballer had told her he had left Stacey, only for her to discover that was not the case.

Ms Greville moved in with Giggs in March 2020 during lockdown. The court heard that in the lead-up to November 2020 she had discovered he had “full on relationships” with eight women while they had been together.

Kate Greville.
Kate Greville.
Kate Greville.

When was Giggs arrested?

During the trial the court heard on 1 November 2020, Ms Greville had returned to their home alone in a taxi following a row after dinner with Giggs at his Stock Exchange hotel in Manchester city centre, where she accused him of messaging a string of women in recent months.

Giggs, 48, arrived separately and the row continued as they tussled over their mobile phones, the court was told.

Ms Greville’s sister Emma, who was looking after the couple’s dog Mac, called the police at 10.05pm and when asked what had happened said her sister had been headbutted.

Giggs was taken to Pendleton police station after being arrested on suspicion of assaulting his ex-partner.

The ex-Wales manager told the jury the incident was a “sort of tug-of-war” in which he and Ms Greville “clashed heads” after he attempted to grab her phone.

While Ms Greville said during her evidence that Giggs had “looked me straight in the eyes and headbutted me in my lip.”

What happened with the court case?

Giggs was on trial at Manchester Crown Court accused of controlling or coercive behaviour between August 2017 and November 2020,towards Ms Greville.

He was also accused of headbutting her and assaulting Ms Greville’s sister, Emma, by elbowing her in the jaw, during a row at his home in Worsley, Greater Manchester on 1 November 2020.

He denied the charges.

Jurors first went out to consider verdicts late on the afternoon of 23 August.

The jury of 12 was later reduced to 11 after one juror became sick and was discharged.

Judge Hilary Manley, on Tuesday, gave the jury a majority direction, meaning they did not have to return unanimous verdicts.

The jury foreman told the court jurors could not reach any verdicts on any of the three counts Giggs denied.

Judge Manley thanked jurors and discharged them from their duties. By this time the trial had gone into its fourth week.

Giggs was released on bail until a hearing on next week.

Lawyers will now have to consider the public interest of a retrial but any further trial would only take place many months from now.