Easter weather forecast: temperatures could soar to nearly 20C after frosty start to week

Chilly mornings this weekend will give way to milder weather over Easter for parts of the UK

This weekend (9-10 April) is expected to be chilly and frosty for many parts of the UK, rain in Scotland, but warmer weather is expected by Easter.

On Wednesday 13 April, on the runup to the long Easter weekend, the southeast of England will experience a warm spell , with temperatures up to 19C expected - a few degrees warmer than the average for this time of year

The Midlands will see temperatures between 13C and 14C, with temperatures dropping to around 9C in the northeast.

But what is the weather expected to be like across the UK this Easter weekend?

Here is everything you need to know:

What will the weather be like on Easter weekend?

Similar temperatures to midweek are forecast for Easter weekend, with the Met Office saying dry and sunny conditions are likely for parts of the country.

This means that there will be a split between the southeast and northwest in both temperature and precipitation.

Meteorologist Steven Keates said: “The further south and east you are, the better chance of seeing predominantly dry conditions into the Easter weekend.

Those in the southeast will see the warmest weather over Easter weekendThose in the southeast will see the warmest weather over Easter weekend
Those in the southeast will see the warmest weather over Easter weekend

“Probably quite pleasant actually in the sunshine, with temperatures probably on the warmer side for the time of year. So you’re probably looking at mid to perhaps upper teens.

“Potentially looking quite promising in the south and east, a little bit more mixed for the north and west.”

Keates said that high temperatures of 19C were a “reasonable prediction”, but added that those with travel plans should keep an eye on the forecast for changes.

The weather is expected to be more settled than in previous weeks, but with a greater chance of rain in the northwest and possible hill snow in Scotland.

Scotland is also likely to miss out on double digit temperatures over Easter weekend, topping out at 9C.

Will there be an Easter heatwave?

Whilst temperatures are expected to be warmer than average in the southeast especially this weekend, any heatwave is likely to be limited and short lived.

Temperatures of 20C and above are not expected anywhere in the UK over Easter weekend, and this will drop off significantly after the weekend.

The Met Office has predicted that much of the north will remain windy in the days after the Monday 18 bank holiday.

The northwest is expected to remain unsettled with strong winds and rain likely up to 22 April.

The southeast should generally remain dry and settled over the period but occasional rain is likely.

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