What UK flights are cancelled today? Full list of airlines axing services amid Easter holiday travel rush

Passengers face delays and last-minute flight cancellations

Long delays and travel disruption have hit many aiports over the recent days, with airlines axing hundreds of flights over the last week.

The cause of the travel chaos has been Covid-related staff shortages, coupled with a surge in demand for flights.

At airports across the UK passengers have been met with long security queues, delays and last-minute flight cancellations, as they jet off on their Easter holidays.

Here are the flights cancelled so far today at the UK’s major airports.

What flights are cancelled today in UK?

Cancellations have hit many UK airports on Sunday (17 April) with delays also common across the country.

British Airways and EasyJet flights have been particularly impacted over the last few days.

Here’s a look at the cancellations across the UK.

Full list of flights cancelled in UK today

British Airways to/from Heathrow


  • Aberdeen


  • Luxembourg
  • Lyon (Monday)

British Airways to/from Gatwick


  • Nice
  • Amsterdam Schiphol
  • Nice (Monday)

EasyJet to/from Gatwick

  • Dubrovnik

Why are flights being cancelled?

Some holidaymakers are reporting being stuck abroad with no explanation or alternative route home offered by the airline.

After cutting thousands of jobs during the pandemic, the aviation industry in general is suffering from difficulties recruiting staff and waiting for security checks to be passed on new employees.

There has also been a recent rise in Covid-related staff sickness.

A spokesman for easyJet said: “As a result of the current high rates of Covid infections across Europe, like all businesses easyJet is experiencing higher than usual levels of employee sickness.”

Coronavirus is currently surging across Europe resulting in an increase in employee sickness and lack of staff.

The airline attempted to limit the effect on passengers by focusing cancellations on routes with multiple daily flights.

The spokesman added that the number of cancellations “represents a small proportion” of the total of 1,645 planned for Monday.

British Airways has also suffered last-minute cancellations of flights due to coronavirus-related staff shortages.

It also suffered chaos on 30 March with flights cancelled because of an IT meltdown.

The airline said: “Aviation has been one of the industries worst hit by the pandemic, and airlines and airports are experiencing the same issues rebuilding their operations while managing the continuing impact of Covid.”